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Anyone with Tony's feats post them here!

I'll kick it off with these(none of these are original scans)

Avengers vs X-Men #5

In a few days, Tony built the Phoenix-Buster armor, which shattered the Phoenix Force into five pieces.

Hulk(2008) #25

Tony's Bleeding Edge armor is durable enough to combat an enraged Red Hulk.

Invincible Iron Man # 25

Tony (broke at the time) uses Reed's lab to construct the new armor, and explains some basic things about Extremis in comparison to it. He mentions the repulsor in his chest is, for all intends and purposes, the equivalent to a man made star, and that it enhances both his intellect and his armor.

Invincible Iron Man # 31

Tony gives additional information on Bleeding Edge while talking to Sasha Hammer. It is revealed that in a paradox, Iron Man drew inspiration from Iron Lad's (a younger version of Kang the Conqueror) armor, which he had seen during the Young Avengers series, and was, in fact, that creator of that revolutionary technology, which will still be used centuries in the future. Also mentions he has 360 vision.

Various features

After upgrading to Bleeding Edge, Tony can transform into Iron Man nigh instantaneously, at any given time. He can also mold the armor into clothing, weaponry, or anything else he so desires.

Invincible Iron Man # 25

Invincible Iron Man # 26

Invincible Iron Man # 30-31

Iron Man withstands an explosion caused by sabotage in his repulsor powered car. Both reaction, and durability feat, as he suits up in the blink of an eye, and walks away from the massive energy outburst nonchalantly.

Invincible Iron Man # 501

Reaction, and speed feat after a rocket is surprisingly fired in his hotel room. Iron Man suits up and is out of the room before it even detonates.

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Iron Man tanking nukes at 2% shields, from Illuminati #5.

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