Unscripted: Iria: Zeiram the Animation

Topic started by gia on April 23, 2010. Last post by Karkarov 4 years, 11 months ago.
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I remember seeing trailers for this all the time attached to various tapes I had but never got around to picking it up. Certainly seems more interesting than the trailer implied. I don't think I miss the mid-nineties English dubs though. The image of Iria.. lunging? is probably better known than the series itself. At least in my neck of the woods/
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You goofed up the year of it's release. Iria first came out in Japan back in June 1994 having monthly video releases up to November of that year.
Still, nice of you two to bring this up. Iria was the very first anime I came across during the mid-1990s back when the Sci-fi Channel was first airing anime OAVs and movies.
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Hmm surprising you guys would check this out cause it is really old.  It is a good show though and definitely worth 20 bucks (so says the guy who has 3 vhs that probably cost him 40).  Nice action, good if kinda predictable story, like most 90's dubs the VA was uh.... hehhehehe... heheheheahahahaha..... yeah, but the overall package is solid.  It was honestly one of the better 90's OVA's if you ask me, especially if you like sci fi definitely kicks the god awful MD Giest into the mud.  
I like the clip inserts you guys did, many of the cheesy episode one moments but no plot spoilers, in fact no spoilers at all really which was a good touch. 
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One anime character that I think is very sexy and strong, but not really over sexualized would probably be Motoko Kusanagi. The S.A.C. version.
Not sure what it is about the background to these segments that I really just don't like at all. Maybe because it just looks like a mismatch collage with no real design. The Unscripted of Comic Vine looks very organized and still bright. This just always looks so dark.
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I remember this one ....One of the ..best. Its differently worthy  of our  20+ dollars. 
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@Dream: You're right; I think it was the US release that was 1996. :)
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Hmm. I must have missed this back in the day. Now that you guys have presented what the anime's about, I might check it out sometime. I might borrow it from my library, stream it, or dl it illegally. We'll see.
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I originally watched this years ago on Sci-Fi when they had Saturday night anime. Ah good times.
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@Karkarov: no spoilers?
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@Karkarov:  True, I was seriously trying to be careful about even saying that the name of the live action was XXXX for what it spoils about the series. But yeah, I grew to like it more than I thought I would. The animation was really quite good too.
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Yeap it is definitely a stand out series.  Looking back at my very old anime VHS collection it is one of the shows I can proudly say I don't regret buying, can't say that about all of them.  I am almost tempted to buy this release just to have a dvd copy since my VHS player doesn't exactly get alot of use anymore.
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@Karkarov:  Funny story about VHS. Dunno if you ever saw Hideaki Anno's Gunbuster. Six episode OVA, fell in love with it... watched on like, ancient, abused VHS tapes. Well, for years I always thought it was the VHS' fault that the last episode was entirely in black and white... It wasn't till I saw the series on DVD and realized that a conscious decision.
So, you should totally get the DVDs and see if all those scrolling fuzzes and distortions you remember were actually "artful" decisions.
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@John_Martone: I just bought the last .hack dvd I was missing from the original series and the entire twelve kingdoms bax set though ;p  Need to save some moolah for the moment.
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Just as an aside those bums at Right Stuff did it again ;p.....  

10 bucks, hard to say no if you don't already have it now.
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