Invitation ~The Uninvited Guests~

Invitation ~The Uninvited Guests~ is an anime episode of Kampfer that was released on 11/12/2009

Natsuru (or at least the femme version) is invited to spend the night at Kaede's house, so it figures that the other girls show up too. Plenty of hijinks ensue as the girls all try to play games in order to kiss Natsuru but mostly fail because Natsuru's head is the densest fucking material on Earth. At some point Kaede shows off her disturbingly-large collection of Zomotsu Animal dolls, including her favorite "Burnt Face Lion." No explanation as to who is making these dolls (speculation says that Kaede makes them herself, but then again this anime doesn't give a shit about that. On to the blatant yuri fanservice!).

Kaede continues trying to get busy with the female Natsuru while Natsuru is embarrassed and denies her advances. Then she accidentally turns back into a boy as Kaede sneaks into her bed and tries to fondle him/her, but then Natsuru gets attacked by Kampfer!Akane who is finally tired of his fucking idiocy. Just as Akane is about to declare her love for Natsuru, the girls are attacked by a newly-minted White Kampfer wielding a kusari-gama. Of course, no one dies and she escapes, while Kaede has conveniently fainted in the heat of battle.

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