Invincible Delivery Girl / Another Delivery Girl

Invincible Delivery Girl / Another Delivery Girl is an anime episode of Ramen Fighter Miki that was released on 07/04/2006

Episode 1 of the series: "Ramen Fighter Miki"

"Invincible Delivery Girl / Another Delivery Girl" - 無敵看板娘 / もうひとりの看板娘

This is the series pilot episode where the four main characters of the anime "Ramen Fighter Miki" are introduced; Miki Onimaru, Ohta Akihiko, Makiko Onimaru, and Megumi Kannazuki.


Opening theme-

"Wild Spice" by Masami Okui

Episode 1 - Part 1: "Invincible Delivery Girl" - 無敵看板娘

Hanami Street is a busy market street full of different kinds of stores and shops. Ohta Akihiko, the owner of a grocery store, is one of the many owners of shops of that street. Next to the grocery shop is the Onimaru Chinese Restaurant, a family-run restuarant who is well-known for their delicious ramen. Ohta heads out to the restaurant to give Makiko Onimaru, the owner of the shop, some spring onions she requested. He is greeted happily by Miki Onimaru, the Onimaru's only daughter, who is seen serving the current customers.

Miki trips
Miki trips
Hot ramen spilling on customer's face
Hot ramen spilling on customer's face

Ohta notices that today was Miki's first day working at the shop as the new poster girl. Although he was excited to see her debut, Miki's mother, Makiko, was very worried about her daughter working at the shop. Ohta, trying to lighten Makiko's mood, begins to list some of Miki's strong points like: her long-standing stamina, her ability to jump two meters, and her ability to throw him with only one arm. He also mentions how her clumsiness and her immense strength always results in a major catastrophe. At that same moment, Miki is seen tripping over her feet and spilling hot ramen on a customer's head. As she attempts to regain her balance, she accidentally performs a roundhouse kick and kicks Ohta in the face. Makiko, enraged with the mess her daughter created, tells Miki that she'll never approve of her if she continues her carelessness.

Delinquents fighting
Delinquents fighting

Suddenly, two teenage boys are seen fighting in front of the restaurant, driving any potential customers away. Makiko then tells Miki to deal with the two boys since they were ruining her place of business. Miki, cracking her knuckles, storms out of the shop and confronts the two delinquents. However, rather than driving them away, she tells them that they can fight in the restaurant. The customers and Makiko were dumbfounded by Miki's rash decision, and Makiko began yelling at Miki. Miki then clarified her proposition, that they should have an eating contest rather than a fight. The two boys agree, and decided that the loser should pay the bill.

Miki's loss
Miki's loss

Just as they were going to start the contest, Miki is seen competing, which confuses everybody. When the boys yell at her for joining in on the contest, she loses her temper and throws an incoherent tantrum. Makiko, fuming with anger, punches Miki in the stomach to calm her down; but instead, Miki just vomitted all over the floor. Makiko's anger increased due to Miki's disgusting act and their arguing turned into a fight. Their fight was intense, involving kicking and punching while breaking everything. Makiko then ends it all by driving Miki's head into the wall. The two delinquents, witnessing the fight, vow that they'll never fight or else they'll end up like Makiko and Miki.

Makiko then decides that it would be best if Miki delivers the food, since it wouldn't require her to break things in the shop; and that was how Miki began to make her deliveries.

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Nobuo Tomizawa Animation Director The director of the anime "Ramen Fighter Miki"


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