Inuyasha Begins "The Final Act" This October

Topic started by John_Martone on Sept. 14, 2009. Last post by innocencedied2nite 4 years, 7 months ago.
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  What can be said about Inuyasha that hasn't been said? Its long, its repetitive, and contains piles and piles of pretty much go nowhere romance. Maybe the manga was different. I mean, it'd have to be at the impressive length of 56 volumes. Of course, we'll get to find this out in October as Inyasha: The Final Act takes us through the final 21 volumes of Dog Demon and Friends. The series starts October 3rd in Japan, October 10th in greater Asia, and whenever Viz gets around to it in the US.
What amazes me is that the first series covered 35 volumes across 167 episodes, while The Final Act will do it all in just 26 episodes. Here's hoping they don't cut content, but instead play it really, really fast. KAGOME!
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As someone who hasn't seen the Anime but has read 37-something volumes of the manga, I can say that it's exactly that. The story goes nowhere fast. Actually this got me wondering why I still read it...
..Probably because you don't have to think to enjoy it.
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Do Kagome and Inuyasha ever summarize their torn, fragile love in the ultimate symbol of a kiss, even one gentle one on the cheek? 
Has Inuyasha EVER been known to satisfy? Answer that, and the rest becomes clear. 
In short, Rumiko is the master of the being a tease    
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Oh, are they still on Namek?
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I'm not gonna lie, I am looking forward to this.
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There's honestly not really much I'm looking forward to next month, Inuyasha: Final Act not being the highest of my expectations since the a good amount of the final volumes had power-ups galore towards the end of the series.
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Yea, long series of everyone powering up even when it didn't matter *cough*Koga*cough*
Other than that I unleash fangirls upon you "yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay."
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I'm excited about inuyasha just because I thought the manga ending was appropriate, I'm also looking forward to Kobato classic CLAMP fun.
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I watched all the subbed episodes and ... well, it was trite and somewhat predictable. Nevertheless, I will watch it once it airs on AS, out of compulsion if nothing else. I attempted to read the manga, but gave up after only two volumes. The reason? I just couldn't see them as anything other than children. The artwork made them look so... young. There was no hints of maturity in their faces, and I felt like I was reading something shouta. *shrugs* I will be watching the forums to see what others think.
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