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InuYasha is a franchise comprised of 4 movies, 2 anime series, 3 manga series
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This would be a short blog because I realized I'm running out of time to do my weekly episode summaries. I was preoccupied with community projects and school this summer.

Welcome to the marathon blogs (commonly known as winter/summer/spring experiences)! It's a small project where I take on recommendations from folks in the Anime Vice community, using this list. Usually, I conclude my marathons with the blog after I finish my marathon. Now, I'm doing an introductory blog.

I always made the effort to watch and read anime and manga legally. I broke the rule once for Knights of Sidonia because Netflix was the only one that streamed the series, but it was a month later, July 4 or 3, 2014. I couldn't wait. I wanted either HULU or Crunchyroll to stream the series. While HULU and Crunchyroll has a huge anime library, Netflix's anime library is lackluster. I did tried the one month trial. There wasn't enough titles to keep me attached to Netflix.

These are the shows I'm currently doing a marathon.

I watching Inuyasha without any recommendations from Vicers. I did it because I wanted to finish the series. I didn't have a chance back in middle school. I believe it was either Inuyasha or Dragon Ball Z that got me into anime. I had a long break from anime due to not having cable until college. It's a trip down memory lane for me. I wasn't much of an anime fan in the past compared to my current self.

Sailor Moon was recommended by . I was curious on why people loved the series. BigHeart711 was the one who got me into the Magical Girl genre, starting with Puella Magi Madoka Magica, in the summer of 2012. That was my first magical girl show. I'm seeing the deconstruct of the magical girl genre and now, the start of the magical girl genre, Sailor Moon.

This TV show I haven't watched yet. After seeing the Flash trailer in the Movies & TV Club that was started by , I'm interested in watching Arrow. I haven't seen a lived adapted TV series for a DC character before. I was always a fan of the DC animated films and TV shows.

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Hello! This is Auron570 with a blog response about my Canadian anime experience, please enjoy. I was born in Canada, my parents immigrated from China, and I currently live about an hour north of Toronto.

How did you get into anime?

Some pig!
Some pig!

The first anime I watched was the English dub of Sailor Moon and the Cantonese dub of Super Pig when I was 3-4 years old. I liked the colorful transformation sequences, fighting bad guys and the comedic/exaggerated/cute animation. To this day I still remember the lyrics to the Sailor Moon opening in English.

When I was 7-12 years old, a lot of anime was dubbed and shown on Canadian television. There was DBZ and Pokemon. YTV acquired a lot of anime including InuYasha, Yugioh, Gundam Seed, .hack//sign, GitS and Eureka Seven. Also 4kids had their dubs of One Piece, Naruto, Fighting Foodons, Ultimate Muscle etc. It was an exciting time! Most of my school friends were watching some combination of those shows and we had fun talking about our favourite shows and characters.

YTV's version of Toonami (2004-2010)
YTV's version of Toonami (2004-2010)

During high school I did not watch much anime. Anime wasn’t being shown as prominently on TV. Also no one at my (very small) high school really watched anime. However, in my senior year I started watching anime in earnest again. I had really great English and Philosophy teachers that year who opened my eyes to new ways of thinking about art and literature. I think anime can stand toe-to-toe with other arts/entertainment and it has a lot to offer if you know where to look. So that basically leads to where I am now and how I got interested in anime. :]

How do you view anime and fans who love anime in Canada?

Well I think anime can stand toe-to-toe with other arts, but I don’t think many people share this view. From my experience with anime clubs, friends (some like anime, some don’t) and also general media awareness, most people are just indifferent to anime, some still consider anime as for kids or for weirdos.

"I heard Bill has a 1st edition Zapdos, but he hasn&squot;t shown it to me so I don&squot;t believe him"
"I heard Bill has a 1st edition Zapdos, but he hasn't shown it to me so I don't believe him"

I guess part of the for-kids mentality has to do with how anime was promoted when it was on TV. If you watched Yugioh, you wanted Yugioh cards. If you watched DBZ, you wanted the latest Budokai game. If you watched Beyblade… you get the point. I remember kids would bring their Pokemon/Yugioh cards to school, some would show them off, some traded them, others lost them, resulting in schools banning them. I feel like that mindset is still around.

On the other hand, the impression I get from anime fans is that they like anime because it is cute, exotic or over-the-top. There seem to be pockets of anime fans around Canada, for example student clubs at universities or around different major cities like Toronto and Vancouver. Some are content that anime is a “niche” hobby. But I really think anime can enter the broader cultural conversation.

What anime series do you think should have been aired in Canada?

Wait, u want us to what?
Wait, u want us to what?

The first anime that came to mind was Steins;gate. Quirky characters and a suspenseful time travel plot! Otherwise it’s hard to say, I don’t think a typical Japanese high-school anime would work since high-school experiences are so different in Canada and even the U.S. Also anything ecchi I think is a definite no. I can think of lots of anime that I would recommend to just about anyone, but I’m not sure how well they would do on TV. Haha, now I’m overthinking which anime would do well on which TV networks and how each anime does/doesn’t appeal to certain audiences!

Have you been to an anime convention?

Sadly, no. I asked my parents to go to AnimeNorth when I was around 9, but they said no. So, slowly I lost interest in going to a convention. The impression I developed of conventions is lots of walking around, looking at stuff I am not interested in buying and being around lots of people who think they’re cool.

What is your buying experience like for anime and manga? Do you buy online or publicly?

I do not read manga. For anime, streaming sites like Crunchyroll and Funimation let me watch lots of anime for free, so I usually only buy anime movies or series that I really want to support. Very few stores within an hour of where I live have a decent anime selection, so I buying online is easier for me. I usually buy from because most other sites have huge shipping fees or only ship to U.S. I don’t have much interest in buying other anime-related merchandise, but it would be cool to buy a Chocobo plushie, a new Pikachu plushie or something One Piece or Evangelion-related.

What are your views on Japanese culture? And do you think Anime is popular in Japan?

"You gonna get married and have kids?" "Uhh Iduno seems like a waste..."
"You gonna get married and have kids?" "Uhh Iduno seems like a waste..."

I don’t know too much about Japanese culture. I know some things about kabuki theater, samurai, geisha and Japan during WWII. Otherwise most of what I know about modern Japanese culture comes from anime, sites like CultureJapan or other sites/articles/blogs/videos that cover Japanese culture. For example I know some things about Japanese food, the Japanese school system, social customs, recent social problems like Japan’s suicide rate, aging population, also “otaku culture” in Japan.

About anime's popularity in Japan, yes and no. Anime might be popular, and people of different age and sex might like anime, but I think the general view of anime in Japan (from those who don’t watch anime) is “it’s okay to like, as long as you don’t like it so much that it’s creepy or detrimental to your health or others”. It’s always the extreme cases that get reported, like otaku who stalk voice actresses, that give a certain hobby a bad reputation.

Closing thoughts?

Mmmm.. culture..
Mmmm.. culture..

There are many different social factors to consider when thinking about how anime is received in Japan. In general I think everyone should be more mature and open to share their cultural experiences. Anime was made in Japan after all! The Japanese people should have a right to admire and appreciate the art and culture that its own country has developed! As a Canadian it’s a little bittersweet being an anime fan. I realize that anime is a big part of my cultural experience. I want to talk about that and figure out how anime fits in with Canada’s multiculturalism and what that means for me. I mean… everyone loves sushi… why not anime??

I hope it was fun to read about my anime experiences. Feel free to post any questions or comments, or talk about your own experiences! :)

About the Authors

Auron570 is an aspiring writer, whose hobbies include piano, video games and anime. Follow him @jasutinu
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Direct Download MP3: HERE

Well you can’t say we don’t listen to our audience feedback

On this episode of the Damn Right Everything Anime & Manga Podcast we have yet another special guest….however, this time we managed to coarse convince an up and coming female anime reviewer to share the mic with us.

She goes by the name Angel….(well……we like to call her the Anime Angel actually)

You may have seen her reviews on either Crunchyroll, MAL or even Reviewtopia…..and if you have not, don’t fret you can just listen to the podcast and get to know this very friendly and open-minded reviewer.

So…to shake things up a little (well not really) we kinda just jump straight into some anime titles…some of our personal favourites…some things we have just come across and we might even give a few recommendations.

Things like

Bartender, InuYasha, Ranma, Mermaids Forest, Mushishi, Gun Frontier, xxxHolic, Requiem of the Darkness aka Hundred Stories and maybe some other stuff……I think

Anyway, I gotta admit there was a point in this cast where I almost clipped this angels wings for bad-mouthing BERSERK…..well not actually bad-mouthing…just....just…..@_@

catches breath......

Thankfully it was all just a simple misunderstanding….yes…...yes……thats right….just a simple misunderstanding (hides sharp object).


Lastly we have a very very small discussion about some cartoon everybody’s been going on about recently…whats it called again......Kegend of Lorra or sumthin…I dunno.

and please don't forget you can catch all of Angel's Material on

Her Tumblr Site : Reviewtopia : Crunchyroll : MyAnimeList

And that’s about it………… actually....there is that small piece of news that DREAMcast is now available on....

yeah…so there's big woop :0P

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I've been reading some manga for a few years and so far there have been a few I like but are over. I like: Bleach, Naruto, One Piece, Hellsing, InuYasha, Rurouni Kenshin, Death Note, Dragonball (Z), Rave or Rave Master, whatever its called, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, & Full Metal Alchemist. All are some interesting series to read. Some of these are ending, some are over and some are still ongoing so I was wondering if they're other good series out there to read.

I was curious about: Fairy Tail, Berserk, Trigun, Shaman King and Ultimo? They sound good but are they worth reading? If anyone can put there opinions down I would appreciate it.

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Who here love Darker Than Black? Me? Yes. I friggen loved it! The ending was perfect the way it was! Then they go along and make a sequel to a perfectly fine anime. At first I think: Hmm, maybe this wont be so bad... Boy was I wrong! I cried my self to sleep! (Kidding!) They  SPOILER WARNING: Click here to reveal hidden content.
and add an aggravating pubescent girl who makes me die inside when ever I think of her. I thought, whatever, just another spoiled series. Nothing new right? But these occurrences have been increasing! It's spreading like Swine Flu. 
It started not so long ago... 
First  there was Mai-Hime's spin off: Mai-Otome. Mai-Hime was so emotional and the plot was fully developed. I thought it was great. They go and make Mai-Otome and the plot is almost non-existent and the characters... don't get me started! 
Then came the dreaded Naruto. They left us with a cliff hanger... as expected of an anime. They make Shippuden. In my opinion Shippuden is much better than the first season, but I mean come on! Naruto was long enough as it was, now there is another never ending season! Please end Naruto! The plot is dead! you can no longer resuscitate the series... finish it... there is no more hope. 
Then comes Dragon Ball. I don't think I can count all the seasons, spin-offs and sequels there are. I don't even know what it's about anymore. Why must animators do this? You are going to loose viewers, not gain them, if you drag along a series like that. It's like dragging a dead cow through the streets... nobody wants it. 
Inuyasha... No explanation is needed. I don't even know what it's about. 
Darker Than Black, Full Metal Alchemist, Death Note, est., est. 

Mind you there are some damn good sequels around. Code Geass R2 was amazing! And they needed it to end the series. Gundam SEED DESTINY was OK and was not unnecessary... the ending sucked but other than that it was good! Hetalia Axis Powers' second season is better than the first and is necessary to complete the series. Gundam 00 season 2, also good and wasn't dragging on a dead plot. The list goes on... But you get my point. 
A lot of unnecessary sequels are being made, please, please... if your going to make a sequel make it A) Good B) Worthwhile.  
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Yeah, I stole that image, but it pretty much sums up what I feel for the upcoming season except for maybe Winter Sonata which i'm looking foward to.
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Last week I went to a 99 cents store and found this for 99 cents:  

Head over to your 99 cents store and see if there are any more left..... 
I bought it because it was so cheap... now that I've seen it! well this is awesome!!!!
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Cosplayers came out in droves to this, my first convention. It was a one-size-fits-all-geeks sort of event, with seemingly no theme. There were anime booths, comic kiosks, action figures, actors, and a cosplay contest. I thoroughly enjoyed it, mostly because of the cosplay. Here are a few of the better cosplayers I saw there today. 





The girl in the purple is my new idea of what the girl of my dreams looks like. I discovered, today, how much I actually love cosplay.
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Anime Vice Transforms

One epic arc concludes, and another begins.

PARASYTE - THE MAXIM #24 -- Watch & Learn

Yep. The non-ending you should've expected.

AKIRA - What's the Difference?

Tom teamed up with CineFix to break this classic adaptation down.

Welcome to Anime Vice - Level 2!

Vicers of the world -- GIVE ME YOUR POWER!!!

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