InuYasha is a franchise comprised of 4 movies, 2 anime series, 3 manga series
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A school girl named Kagome finds herself on an extensive journey in feudal-era Japan with a half-demon named Inu Yasha.

15-year-old student Kagome Higurashi lives in modern-day Tokyo on her family's shrine. One day she hears something strange in a room that stores an old well and discovers a monster. Frightened, she falls into the well and is transported to feudal-era Japan. There, she discovers a being known as InuYasha, a half-human, half-dog demon sealed to a tree. At first he thinks that she's the woman who sealed him there, a priestess named Kikyo. The monster, a centipede demon, attacks and Kagome releases InuYasha to save herself. He destroys the centipede and then attacks Kagome. Kagome is rescued this time by Kaede, a priestess from the local village who puts magical prayer beads on him to subdue him when Kagome issues a command, which she establishes as "Osuwari!" ("Sit!").

Kagome stays in the village for a short time and learns from Kaede that she is the reincarnation fo Kikyo-- and, what's more, has been born with a magical item known as Shikon no Tama, the Jewel of Four Souls, within her. Later, another demon comes to take the Jewel from Kagome and is able to remove it from her body. InuYasha attempts to destroy the demon, wanting the Jewel for himself. Kagome is able to save the shard from being taken away by attaching a small piece of the demon (its leg, removed by InuYasha) to an arrow, which is then attracted to the demon holding the Jewel. This tactic succeeds, but it breaks the Jewel into a large number of shards, which Kagome and InuYasha agree to go collect. On their journeys they eventually become more friendly, and even possibly fall in love-- in spite of the appearance of a now soul-less Kikyo, who wanders the earth helping people and hating InuYasha.

Kagome and InuYasha make friends who join their small group, including a child fox demon named Shippou, a perverted monk named Miroku, a demon exterimantrix named Sango, and her flying fox demon Kirara. They are also occasionally joined by a flea demon named Myouga who assists InuYasha for his dead father's sake. The crew are united by their desire to destory Naraku, who was responsible for the falling apart of InuYasha and Kikyo's relationship so many years before.
General Information Edit
Name: InuYasha
Name: 犬夜叉
Aliases: Inu Yasha
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