InuYasha, a Feudal Fairy Tale Characters

InuYasha, a Feudal Fairy Tale is an anime series in the InuYasha franchise
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Two-headed dragon in service of Sesshomaru.


A wolf demon in love with Kouga. She and Kouga are married in the last episode of Inuyasha Final Act as Kagome wraps up the stories of some of the franchises supporting heroes.


The leader of the Band of Seven.


A Moth Demon and the brother of Gatenmaru.


A member of the Band of Seven who is half mechanical and loves to use weapons.


One of Naraku's creation who is able to read the mind of others giving him a huge advantage in a fight


A Tanuki from Awa who serves Miroku.


Originally apart of Akago, Hakudoushi was created after an encounter with a Monk was separated from him.


InuYasha is the half-breed demon who fell in love with a human priestess, Kikyo; but the two fell into the trap of the demon Naraku to turn against each other. After several decades of slumber, he's released by Kikyo's descendant to find the shards of the Shikon Jewel.


Inuyasha's deceased mother and wife to the InuTaisho.


Loyal servant of Sesshomaru and babysitter of Rin. He has a staff with two heads. The female head finds hidden things and the male blasts out fire at anyone who endangers Jaken.


Jakotsu is the flamboyant member of the Band of Seven who loves Inuyasha.


Kaede is the younger sister of the priestess Kikyo. Now she is a strong priestess in her own right.

Kagome Higurashi

A cute and kind high school student who lives her life both in her own present and in the past, searching for the Shikon no Tama jewel shards with InuYasha.


Kagura is the disloyal incarnation and "daughter" of the half demon Naraku. Her wish is to have Naraku destoryed for her so that she can be free as the wind.


Former Apprentice to Totosai, Kajinbo deals in forging evil weapons such as the Ningata of Kenkon and Tokijin. He was killed by Inuyasha after the spirit of Goshinki took him over out of the sword created of his fangs.


Kanna is the second Naraku reincarnation. She holds a mirror that shows whats going on.


Kikyo was a powerful shrine maiden. Once the guardian of the Shikon Jewel, and died in her duty. Revived through magic and now hunts Inuyasha, who she falsely blames for her murder.


Kirara is the demon companion of Sango, one of the last demon slayers. In her smallest two-tailed cat form Kirara has little power except being immune to fire. She can transforms into her larger form, and can fly very fast as well and carry several passengers.


Kohaku is Sango's younger brother, who is under Naraku's control. The only thing keeping him alive is the Jewel Shard embedded in his back. Placed there by Naraku.


Kouga is the young leader of a wolf tribe. He has one demon shard in each of his legs which makes him powerful. He has a big crush on Kagome and visits her frequently, which usually leads to arguments with Inuyasha.


The weakest member of the band of seven


A miko who died many years ago in a battle with Yokai that lasted for 7 days and nights. She sacrificed herself by forcing out her soul and the yōkai's. In the process her soul and the yokai created the Jewel of Four Souls.


One of InuYasha's entourage. He is cursed, and has a vacuum in his right hand that banishes enemies..

Mistress Centipede

The Demon Responsible for bringing Kagome to the Feudal Era. She was originally killed decades ago and was placed in the Bone Eaters Well. Mistress Centipede was brought back to life sensing the Shikon Jewel in Kagome and pulled her into the well.

Mrs. Higurashi

Kagome and Sota's mother.


A member of the Band of Seven who loves to use poison to its deadliest ways.


A flea that offers helpful advice to Inuyasha's group. He's known to run away when he senses danger.


Naraku is the main villain of Inuyasha.

Princess Abi

The Princess of Fire Birds, Abi was used by Naraku to try and kill Inuyasha with her blood-sucking Pterodactyl-like demons. She collects the blood to thin out the poison in her mother's bloodstream after she ate a poisonous demon.


The most intelligent member of the Band of Seven. Renkotsu is good when it comes to fire arms.


A young girl saved by Sesshomaru, and follows him around.


A dragon daiyōkai who fought with Inu no Taishou. He never was able to fully kill Ryukotsusei but managed to seal him into a dormant sleep with one of his claws. Naraku had removed Inu no Taishou's claw, reawakening Ryukotsusei, in hopes that he would be able to destroy Inuyasha.


Sango is one of InuYasha's entourage and uses a boomerang as her weapon.

Sara Asano

A princess who fell in love with Sesshomaru who succumbed to an illness leaving her only a few days to live was approached by a legion of demons and allowed them to take over her body.


Sesshomaru is Inuyasha's older brother. He is generally an antagonist in Inuyasha.


Shippo is a kind and childlike fox demon who's father was killed by the Thunder Brothers. He's a member Inuyasha and Kagome group in search of the Jewel Shards.

Sota Higurashi

Kagome's little brother.


Suikotsu is a member of the Band of Seven. He is a doctor with two personalities.


A elderly demon blacksmith who forged Tetsusaiga and Tensaiga from the fangs of his old friend, The Great Dog Demon.


A Dark Priestess and rival to Kikyo.


Yura of the hair is a character in the series Inuyasha. Using her comb that has her soul sealed in it, she can control her hair to make it attack enemies.

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