Into Tomorrow

Into Tomorrow is an anime episode of IGPX that was released on 02/04/2006

Into Tomorrow Episode 13

Now that Team Satomi has dodged the Indoraga Mano, the easy part is done with. The hard part is winning the race against Team Velhstein. Team Satomi has to put in all of the things they have learned over the season to help them with this feat. Will they claim the honor of champions and will Takeshi get to meet the legendary Rocket?

Plot Summary

Opening Theme
Go For It by Gran Rodeo

After dodging the Indoraga Mano, the race continues on as it normally would with Takeshi going after Cunningham while Dew and Jan hold off Amy, Luca, and Liz. While on the race track, everyone is more than amazed with the speed Cunningham possesses as even Benjamin Bright is utterly stunned with whats going down on the track. Takeshi can't keep up with him as Andrei tells him that if he was able to dodge the Indoraga Mano by looking for Cunningham's tell, then he can beat him on a normal race. Takeshi tries to calm down as he sees the race without the mechs and replaces them with personas of himself and Cunningham. Using their knowledge of sword combat, they try to fight one another using what they know.

Team Satomi celebrates their win as 2049 Champions
Team Satomi celebrates their win as 2049 Champions

Liz and Amy are still having problems with Dew and Jan as they come up with a strategy to take them down at the same time as Amy goes in for an areal assault while Liz sweeps the ground. They are successful in breaking through but Liz and Dew and decommissioned going into lap 3 and can not finish the race. In the pit for Team Velhstein, Sir Hamgra notices that Cunningham seems to be lacking and could have easily won by now. He orders the racer to stop messing around with Takeshi and go in for the kill to win the race. Cunningham tries to do this and enter speed mode with Takeshi on his tail. While they approach the finish line, Takeshi drafts behind Cunningham before moving beside him to gun it for the goal. With less than an inch between them, Takeshi is able to take first place. Even with Liz getting knocked out, the points add up and Team Satomi is crowned the 2049 IG-1 Champions.

Everyone heads for the winners circle to celebrate the victory and becoming champions as Michiru takes the honor of the spotlight. Jesse wonders where Andrei went off to as he is seen thanking the mechs for the victory against Velhstein. As the team heads to the after party to revel in the victory, Cunningham approaches them and gives Takeshi a hug. He thanks him for the amazing race as he knew he would be something else going into the pro league. He also gives the group some advice in that they shouldn't let one championship get to them. They are still vulnerable and could easily be taken down like he was. Cunningham claims he will win the next season as he heads off. During the party, Michiru thanks everyone for their hard work during the season and toasts to getting more sponsors the next year. Takeshi approaches Andrei about his proposal to meet the Rocket, which Andrei agrees only if Takeshi comes by the next morning.

Andrei reveals to Takeshi that he is the famous Rocket.
Andrei reveals to Takeshi that he is the famous Rocket.

At home, Yuri drops into his room to congratulate him on his victory as he gives her his video game system, telling him he doesn't need it anymore as Fantine calls to request seeing him during the off season. Even though Takeshi seems to be acting nonchalant about the win, he cheers in his room by himself at the fact he is season champion. The next morning, he rushes to go meet the Rocket but only finds Andrei in the conference room. Takeshi wonders where the legendary racer is as Andrei confesses that he is actually the Rocket. He stopped racing over fifteen years ago, grew a beard, and gained a bit of weight so no one would recognize him. Takeshi is more than ecstatic since he realizes that his idol was also his mentor in the IGPX and he couldn't be more happy. Andrei also tells him that back in the day, he raced with Hamgra who kept a photo of his former friend on his desk.

Mark is finishing the repairs on the mechs as Jesse comes by to admire his handy work. Michiru also drops by since she never properly thanked him for all the hard work he did over the season. She knows that they wouldn't be anywhere without him and that all the glory is reserved for the pilots and never the mechanic. He takes pride in the praise and points out how they'll be even better come next season. Speaking of which, Bright goes over the 2049 Season Results and reveals that Team Black Egg came in 6th and will be demoted to the IG-2 while the IG-2 Champions, Team White Snow, will take their place in the 2050 Season.

Even though its officially the off season, Liz can't help but to train and practice the next morning. Amy comes by as well as they point out how lucky Luca has it for simply that he gets to sleep in. They wonder where Takeshi is as he is at the track, simply enjoying the silence, reveling in his victory as Liz and Amy swing by to meet up with him, claiming that they'll take next years championship too.

Ending Theme
Believe Yourself by Exige

Race Results

Takeshi Jin-Satomi-Forward1st15
Alexander Cunningham Hume-Velhstein-Forward2nd7
Jan Michael-Velhstein-Midfielder3rd5
Amy Stapleton & Luca-Satomi-Midfielder4th3
Liz Ricarro-Satomi-DefenderN/A*0

*Denotes racer did not finish the race. As a result, no points were awarded.

Final Score

Winner & 2049 Season Champions: Team Satomi

Team Satomi: 18 points

Team Velhstein: 12 points

Team Satomi Track Record: 2049 Season

5 Wins 1 Loss 1 Tie

Characters & Voice Actors

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