Interlude is an anime episode of Boogiepop Phantom that was released on 02/02/2000


Morita and Yamamoto are two typical cops in what seems like a sleepy town. It wasn't always like this: there was that string of murders five years ago, but most of their days are spent going over reports and chatting about the mundane events of their lives.

Meanwhile Kazuko Suema on a regular visit to the Hospital discovers a little more about her friend Nagi and encouters Manaka Kisaragi and Touka Miyashita two people, like her, who may have connections with the incidents 5 years ago.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Yuu Asakawa ( x ) ( x ) ( x ) (Japanese)
Rachael Lillis ( x ) ( x ) ( x ) (English)
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Touka Miyashita ( x ) ( x ) ( x )
Kazuko Suema ( x ) ( x ) ( x )
Manaka Kisaragi ( x ) ( x ) ( x )


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Takashi Watanabe Director A Japanese director who was best known for directing Slayers, Lost Universe and Ichiban Ushiro no Dai Maō.
Sadayuki Murai Writer
Kenji Yasuda Storyboard
Kazuya Miura Animation Director


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