Instruments! is an anime episode of K-On! that was released on 04/09/2009

Plot Summary

All right so this episode mainly focuses around the Light Music club helping Yui get a guitar so that she can start practicing right away. So guitars, being as pricey as they are (well the better quality ones anyway), Yui cannot afford one for the time being as it will take atleast TEN months allowance for her to afford one and that's just a good quality one, not even great. Yui gets some help from her sister when she goes to ask her mom if she can have an advance on her allowance, so she does get the advance of 50 000 yen which is enough to get her a guitar. When the Light Music Club members go to the store to get Yui's guitar they find that Yui has one already picked out but it's way too much money for her to afford. Ritsu, however comes up with a plan to get more money! She has an idea that they should all get jobs and help Yui out so she can get the guitar she really wants. The job they take upon is counting how many cars go by with this little clicker device. They make 8000 yen each day but at the end of it all, even with their first payment and the allowance Yui has, she is far from getting the guitar. Yui decides that she is just going to stick with getting a cheaper guitar rather than the one she really wanted. When they go back to the guitar shop Yui stops in front of the guitar from before and with the help of Tsumugi (whose father happens to OWN the guitar shop so she gets a discount on Yuis dream guitar) and finally! Yui gets a guitar of her own and starts practicing, though she only knows one little tune. Ritsu declares that they will perform LIVE at the Budokan... just in time for their graduation.

Characters & Voice Actors

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