Inori Yuzuriha

Inori Yuzuriha is a anime/manga character in the Guilty Crown franchise
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She is the 16-year-old vocalist of the a popular internet band called Egoist. She is also a member of the anti-government group known as "Undertaker".


Inori Yuzuriha is one of the main protagonists of the Guilty Crown franchise. She the 16-year-old girl vocalist of a popular internet band called "Egoist". Inori is also a member of a secret anti-government group, named "Undertaker", with Gai Tsutsugami as the group's leader. It is later revealed by Keido Shuuichirou that she was created as an "instance body" in order to communicate with Mana Ouma, the one with the power to recreate the Lost Christmas event.

Inori's job was to steal the Void Genome that was cultivated by Sephirah Genomics and deliver it to Gai, however, the genome was accidentally given to Shu, hence giving him "The King's Power". With The King's Power, Shu manages to extract a burgundy-pink sword from Inori, which Gai refers to as "Inori's Void". This sword is what Shu uses during combat.

Inori is a very soft, quiet, and sweet girl, who is also very determined to complete her missions successfully and without fail. She usually comforts Shu and gives him words of strength when she can tell he's feeling weak and helpless.

Gai is dear to Inori, and she tells Shu that he is the one that gave her a name and a place when no one has.


Sketches of Inori Yuzuriha
Sketches of Inori Yuzuriha

The original character art for Inori Yuzuriha was created by Redjuice Graphics Koji Yamamoto, the series' chief producer, elaborates about Inori's background, stating that she is a popular internet diva on sites such as our "YouTube" and "Nico Nico" with most of her fans being teenagers.



Inori has straight pink hair, reaching her upper shoulders. She is dressed in an unusual red costume, which she wore during one of her Egoist music videos. The costume is an open, sleeveless red halter top, exposing her cleavage as well as her stomach. She wears thigh-high black stockings, and red sleeves which reach her upper arm. As for foot wear, Inori has matching red high heels.


Inori is quiet, and she rarely speak to any besides Shu and Gai. At first, she seems to be emotionless, but as the series progress, she is able to develop feelings which she later develops into a song, Departures, for Shu.


  • Gai Tsutsugami: Inori is very close to Gai as shown by when Shu asks Inori if she would leave Funeral Parlor with him. She refuses and explains to Shu that she cannot leave someone who gave her a home and a name. She is always very loyal to him.
  • Shu Ouma: At first, she is very skeptical and curious about Shu, but after learning about his friends and about his life away from Funeral Parlor, she warms up to him and grows to him. Because of her feelings towards Shu, she directly disobeys Gai's orders and charges into a high security GHQ facility to rescue Shu. Inori eventually falls in love with Shu, and the two share their feelings in the end.

Story Arcs

Season 1

Stealing the Void Genome

Inori was assigned to steal the Void Genome form GHQ's Sephirah Genomics by her leader, Gai Tsutsugami. After successfully stealing the genome, Inori is seen running away from the GHQ mechs. Her pursuers manage to catch up to her and attack her, and although she was severely injured, she manages to get up and continue running away. Inori then tells Funnell to take the genome to Gai. An enemy makes their way to Inori, but a comrade of hers, Ayase Shinomiya, appears while piloting her Endlave and covers for Inori. Although receiving back-up, the enemy still manges to shoot Inori with missiles, causing her to fall off the bridge and into thw water

Meeting Shu and Being Caught by GHQ

Inori seeks refuge in an abandoned school building, where she tends for her wounds. She then begins to sing Eutreupe, but is interrupted by Shu, who came to eat his lunch in the building. Shu, who knows that Inori is the vocalist of Egoist tries to talk to her, however, members of the GHQ raid into the building and grab Inori. After being beaten by the GHQ, they drag Inori's unconscious body for interrogation.

Inori, tied up and blind-folded by the GHQ, gets interrogated about the whereabouts of the stolen Void Genome. Inori remains silent despite having a blade placed on her face, and being threatened by the GHQ that they will attack the residents of Roppongi.

Seeing that Inori was not going to cooperate, the GHQ give permission for its members to atatck the residents of Roppongi. With all of the explosions and attacks made by both Undertaker and GHQ, the truck where Inori was held captive topples over, and Inori manages to escape, only to run into a large group of Endlaves. Before they attack, Shu shields her as the Void Genome breaks. They appear in a white space where Inori tells Shu to use her. He draws out her Void, and she goes unconscious. Gai is disappointed in her later for letting Shu use the Void Genome.

Inori's first mission with Shu

After Shu obtains the Void Genome, Gai explains a mission to save the captured residents. Before the mission starts, Inori notices Shu worrying and tells him that he can do it. Shu pulls Inori's Void and the mission goes exactly according to plan as the residents of the neighborhood were saved.

Back to school

After Shu declines the offer to join Funeral Parlor, Gai sends Inori to school with Shu to protect him. Shu becomes confused and enraged that Inori can access the front door to his apartment. Inori explains that she doesn't want to be a burden and says she was there to protect him. After a meeting, Gai tasks Shu with a mission to find the person who saw him with Funeral Parlor in the rescue mission or else he will risk capture by GHQ. Inori later explains all of the Void rules to Shu, and after they find the culprit, Yahiro, Inori unhesitatingly pulls out a gun and aims to kill Yahiro. Shu yells at Inori to stop because he wants to give Yahiro a chance. She then messages Funeral Parlor that she and Shu completed their mission and that she no longer wants them to interfere. On the train to school, Shu is pushed off by Yahiro into a group of GHQ soldiers. Inori looks helplessly towards him and before she can pull the emergency stop, she is stopped by another member of Funeral Parlor.

To the rescue

Inori begins to feel cold and says she wishes Shu were there, and after seeing all of his friends in despair at his capture, she makes the decision to go save him herself despite Gai's orders to stay put. As the operation begins, Inori begins talking through the Funeral Parlor radio telling Shu shes coming to save him. She finally arrives to Shu's side where he draws out her Void and destroys the Endlaves.

Season 2

Culture festival

After deciding to have a culture festival, Souta asks Inori if she would sing one of her songs in front of the school. Inori asks Shu who tells her as long as it made her happy. Inori is confused by Shu's statements.

Other Media

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Ai Kayano
General Information Edit
Name: Inori Yuzuriha
Name: 楪いのり
Romanji: Yuzuriha Inori
Gender: Female
1st manga book: Guilty Crown #1
1st anime episode: Guilty Crown #1
1st anime movie:
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