Ino Screams! Chubby Paradise!

Ino Screams! Chubby Paradise! is an anime episode of Naruto that was released on 07/05/2006

Naruto Side-Story (Filler)

Ino Screams! Chubby Paradise! - いの絶叫! ポッチャリ♥パラダイス (Ino zekkyō! Pocchari ♥ Paradaisu)


Opening Theme-

"Re:member" by FLOW

Tsunade calls in Ino for a mission in which she tells her that Princess Fuku has asked that Ino help out in being her body double for an important event. Tsunade laments about the situation, giving off she knows more than she's letting on, but dismisses it as she wonders how Fuku knew that Ino looked just like her. Before Ino goes, she also assigns Naruto to the mission to assist with the mission, Ino scowling as she automatically assumes that Naruto will mess up the mission.

When the two genin get to the mansion of Princess Fuku, they are immediately taken aback by the fact that Fuku is about a hundred pounds fatter than Ino. Fuku knows that they are thinkingand shows Ino a picture of herself from a few weeks ago, Naruto and Ino both surprised on how much alike they actually are. Fuku explains that she is betrothed to the prince of the Country of Noodles and in the days before meeting him, be began to overeat due to her nervousness and gained the excess weight, trying various diet supplements to help her slim down but to no avail. Fuku wants Ino to take her place so that the prince falls for her, which confuses Naruto as when people are calling for body doubles, its usually because someone is in danger. However, Ino understands and agrees to help, Naruto reluctantly going along with it to complete the mission. Fuku takes them to a secret room with pipes that run through the house so she can hear everything, planning on using a new diet to slim down before the wedding.

As Ino and Naruto prepare to meet the Prince, the room goes dark as a group of people serenade Prince Chikara as he enters the room, flowers been thrown everywhere as Ino is in utter shock by the appearence of a large man who claims to be the Prince. Naruto nearly calls him fat, but Ino takes him out of the room, scolding him that he is probably like Choji and does nto like being called fat. Ino wonders if there is a mistake as Naruto points out that they must continue the mission, Ino going on a tangent about how no one in their right mind would like him. Fuku points out that this is indeed Chikara and Naruto must assure the prince falls for her.

As time goes on though, Ino still seems to fail to appeal to Chikara as she does not seem him in her tastes, despite the fact that it does not matter what she wants. Fuku reprimands her for being so one sided despite being a professional ninja as the two girls hear a third princess in the living room, Naruto having transformed into Fuku to try and allure Chikara. Ino is able to drag him out of there and attempts to take him out of the picture as she tries once more with Chikara. She seems to finally be getting it granted she has to punt Naruto into a nearby pond for still being in Fuku's form. Chikara starts to fall for Ino and attempts to kiss her, Fuku dragging her out as she doesn't want Chikara to fall for Ino. As Ino goes back to the meeting, Fuku finds Naruto in her form, greatly annoyed by this as she chases him across the mansion.

Back in the living room, Chikara and Ino hear a commotion from upstairs and go outside to investigate. To everyones surprise, the real Fuku and Naruto fall from a balacony above, Ino finally having enough with his antics as the two girls beat him to a pulp as Chikara demands to know what is going on. Fuku confesses to him that she is the real Fuku and that she did all this to impress him. Chikara seems to be in shock at first but truly loves her curvacious figure and asks to marry her, Fuku gladly accepting. As Naruto and Ino go home, the mission successful, Ino complains that why Chikara would fall for Fuku, claiming that guys only like slim girls. Naruto tries to explain the idea of beauty is skin deep, but Ino still acts shallow and vows to go on a diet to make herself look thinner and more femine.

Ending Theme-

"Pinocchio" by Ore Ska Band

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Masashi Kishimoto Original Concept He is the creator, writer, and artist, of the successfully popular manga and anime series: NARUTO
Tetsuya Nishio Character Artist/Designer
Hirofumi Suzuki Character Artist/Designer
Junki Takegami Series Composition
Isato Date Director
Shigenori Takada Art Director
Rion Kujo Storyboard
Yasunori Ebina Sound Engineer A japanese audio engineer and director
Atsuho Matsumoto Animation Director


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