Innocent Blood

Innocent Blood is an anime episode of Dance in the Vampire Bund that was released on 02/18/2010

On his way back to the chapel with a stash of weapon, Akira is stopped by Alphonse Medici Borgiani, who says that he suggested the kidnapping to have the bill passed. Akira's father, Wolfgang Regendorf, mentions about his choice of killing Akira when he had amnesia. Both of them tells Akira that he must be willing to risk his life for the sake of the princess to rescue the student council. Mina appears in the chapel when Nanami attempt to seduce Yuki with her fangs. Regendorf and Alphonse explain that all the attacks that happened so far were to lured out the conspirators against the vampire society, which is a terrorist organization called Telomere. Mina is disappointed that Jean Marais Dermailles had turned many of the students into vampires as well as had manipulated Mizoguchi to dissolve the assembly, slashing a sword through his face as punishment. She did not want to conquer the world, instead she wanted to be a part of it. Mina severs Jean's arm when he transformed, but Takashi Saijo distracts Mina, allowing Jean to grab hold of her. When Saijo charges in with his sword, Yuki steps in front of Mina. Akira crashes into the building and deflects Saito. He then tears out Jean's heart, causing him to vanish. Veratos arrives to the chapel to treat all the victims. Mina and Akira challenge each other to a duel to the death, as they both transform into their true forms. After the chapel goes up in ruins, Akira still promises to serve and protect Mina no matter the circumstance. The Special Zone Establishment Bill has finally been passed, and Akira has been knighted by Mina among the greatest warriors.

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