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InnerBrief; Chuck to the Future is an anime episode of Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt that was released on 12/03/2010
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Episode 10 of Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt can only be described as schizophrenic. Addressing sexual fetishes and surreal cartoon violence was a weird step, but as if an apology, the episode is rounded out with a fantastically parody-filled music video that will make any fan crack a smile. Filler is still filler, and Episode 10 seemed to run that path instead of being truly experimental in its execution.

 Brief's dream come true?
 Brief's dream come true?

The first part of Episode 10, “Inner Brief” is a “brief” interlude, where Panty and Stocking are shrunken down to miniscule size by the demon sisters’ drugs. Brief decides to mess with the angels, until Panty and Stocking jump into Brief’s mouth, entering his bowels. In an effort to liberate the angels from inside Brief, Garterbelt steps in by giving Brief laxatives. Originally believing the angels to be flushed after Brief’s bowel movement, Garterbelt continues his examination after being contacted by Panty, who with Stocking, is messing around with Brief’s organs. The angels enter Brief’s head and attack his brain, causing him to attack Garterbelt in response. The drugs eventually begin to wear off, with the angels reverting back to their original size. Through a careful procedure, Garterbelt helps Brief through his “labor”, and the angels are liberated.

“Inner Brief” is short and not particularly funny. Its use of the odd “shrunken” fetish wasn’t very well thought out, and the whole “child birth” joke didn’t feel original. Aside from Garterbelt’s eagerness towards the procedure, this felt like a boring detour that was too short to really take advantage of its material.

The next few sequences follow hyperactive dog creature, Chuck, through a number of odd, sexual experiences in “Chuck to the Future Parts 1-3.” Explaining this one is near impossible. It’s mostly Chuck fighting Fastener (who apparently stole the heart of some girl he liked in school), getting attacked by a swarm of flies, and exploding in the microwave. Chuck somehow, can also regenerate after dying multiple times, and the two dog creatures have inner demons who wind up having sex in front of Chuck’s lifeless body.

 Fastener's Guide to Cooking

I really have no words for “Chuck to the Future.” It pretty much speaks for itself. If you like Tom and Jerry-esque antics and odd cartoony violence, this’ll float your boat, but with barely a plot or structure to speak of, it can only be passed off as a fillery sidebar in between some much better adventures for the Panty and Stocking crew. The one thing I can truly give “Chuck to the Future” is that the animation was surprisingly robust, even if the structure was practically non-existent.

The last sequence “DCity Rock: We Are Angels” is essentially a music video, with the cast rocking out to a crowd of concert goers. However, a typical AMV this is not. The crew tries out parody after parody of modern and classic music. Pick a prolific musical act from the last couple decades and you’ll find parody fodder for Panty and Stocking. Pink Floyd, Nirvana, The Who, Jimi Hendrix, The Sex Pistols, Gorillaz, Lady Gaga, and so much more are up for jokes in this one. If you have ever watched a modern music video, you’ll get at least one of the in-jokes. The fact that the song is so damn catchy doesn’t hurt all. This is one of the most hilariously and blatantly parodic things ever seen in the show. Even more shocking is that the parody was so sophisticated, a strong distance from other episodes. Not since “Sex and the Daten City” has the humor been so uniquely crafted. “DCity Rock: We Are Angels” hit a powerful note.

 This scene looks familiar...
 This scene looks familiar...

Episode 10 was a weird step for an otherwise consistently funny show. If it weren’t for the absolutely amazing “DCity Rock: We Are Angels” this wouldn’t have made it among the much better episodes in the series. As far as plotlessness and ridiculousness, this is par for the course, but this still didn’t have much structure or substance to stand out. It’s not the best by any means, but just listen to “DCity Rock: We Are Angels” again. It’s not like it’s leaving your head anytime soon.

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