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Initial D is an manga series in the Initial D franchise
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Bunta Fujiwara

Father of Takumi Fujiwara and owner of the Eight Six and the No.1 downhill racer in Mt. Akina years ago. He currently is the owner of the tofu shop in Akina after retiring from Street Racing.

Keisuke Takahashi

Originally a member of the RedSuns, he is the first person Takumi defeats in a race on Mt. Akina. Later on he becomes the uphill ace of Project D.

Koichiro Iketani

Leader of the Akina Speed Stars who drives a Nissan Silvia K's (S13).

Mako Sato

The driver of Impact Blue who drives a blue Nissan SilEighty along with her friend Sayuki who is her co-driver/navigator. Mako fell in love with Iketani of the Akina Speed Stars however this relationship did not last due to a misunderstanding.

Mika Uehara

Mika is Takumi's current girlfriend in the Project D story arc. She first met him after confronting him for blowing off her friend which was in fact a guy posing as Takumi. After settling this she apologizes to Takumi and they begin to see each other more.

Natsuki Mogi

Takumi's classmate and love interest. Before she hooked up with Takumi, she engaged in enjo kosai to make some extra money.

Ryosuke Takahashi

The brother of Keisuke Takahashi and member of the RedSuns, nicknamed "The White Comet." He later becomes team leader of Project D.


The co-driver/navigator of Impact Blue who is Mako's best friend.

Takeshi Nakazato

Takeuchi Itsuki

Takumi Fujiwara

Also known as the "White Ghost of Akina", Takumi uses his father's AE86 Trueno (Eight-six or "hachiroku") for tofu delivery. He is not interested in racing until he is forced into one against Keisuke Takahashi of the RedSuns.

Wataru Akiyama

The king of the steep hills of the Saitama mountains that drives a Toyota Corolla Levin GT APEX (AE86).

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