Inheritance! The Necklace of Death!

Inheritance! The Necklace of Death! is an anime episode of Naruto that was released on 07/14/2004
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Inheritance! The Necklace of Death! - 初代火影の遺産 死を呼ぶ首飾り (Shodai Hokage no isan Shi o yobu kubikazari)

Naruto is incensed at the way Tsunade disrespects the position of Hokage and challenges her to a fight and she challenges him to a wager. If he can master the Rasengan in one week. She'll give him her cherished necklace, but it has a tragic past that has killed all those who have worn it before.


Opening Theme-

"GO!!!" by FLOW

Naruto is rushing Tsunade with the technique he has been learning through the travel, but before he can connect. Tsunade used a single finger to create a fissure in his path. Naruto loses his footing and the attack plows into the ground, blowing him backward. Tsunade demands to know why Jiraiya is teaching Naruto the "Rasengan" knowing that only he and the Fourth Hokage can use it. She tells him not to give Naruto such false hope to learn this technique. Naruto fires back that he will master this jutsu in three days. Tsunade offers a wager. If Naruto can master the Rasengan in one week. She will not only acknowledge Naruto can be Hokage but she will also give him her necklace. Shizune is shocked at this offer, and Naruto is disinterested. Jiraiya tells him that the gem in that necklace could be sold to buy three mountains and it belonged to the First Hokage. They both agree to the bet. If Naruto fails, she will keep all the money in his wallet, that she stole from his pocket earlier. Tsunade and Shizune then leave, but Shizune thinks that no matter how bad things have been in that past that Tsunade has never wagered the First Hokage's Necklace. She wonders is Tsunade it seriously considering Orochimaru's offer.

At Naruto's hotel room, Shizume comes to see him. She wishes to explain Tsunade's behavior and tell him about the curse behind the necklace.

Sitting alone, Tsunade remembers when her little brother, Nawaki, turned 12 years-old and she gave him their grandfather's necklace as a present. He talked about wanting to protect the village their grandfather created, and and wishes to become the Hokage. Tsunade told him that men don't go back on their word. She removes her brother's forehead protector to give him one more present. A charm to make his dream come true and she kisses him on the forehead.

Some time later, the rain is falling heavily in the Hidden Leaf Village. Tsunade is soaking wet and in a panic. A younger Jiraiya tells her it's best that she not look, but a younger Orochimaru doesn't see the harm. He says even if she did look there was no way she could even be able to tell the body is her brother. Jiraiya shouts him down, but Orochimaru continues. He says with the war and no doctors on the battlefield that such death is inevitable. More so with young boys who have something to prove and have been given gifts. He pulls the First Hokage's necklace from his robe and gives it back to Tsunade.

Alter Tsunade is crying at her brother's grave, she attends a meeting to discuss the war. She is demanding that the ninja cells be expanded to four man teams so that one member is trained in medical jutsu to prevent needless death. The Third Hokage agrees with her position but the proposition is rejected due to lack of time to train medical ninja for the field in the middle of a war. In the middle of her argument, a young man stands to agree.

Once the meeting is over, Tsunade runs after the young man to thank him for supporting her idea. He offers to walk her home in spite of his place being in the other direction. He wants to talk wit her, and the path reminds him of when he would pick up his sister from the Ninja Academy. Like Tsunade, he lost his little sister in this war. back in present time, Tsunade clutches at the necklace.

Flashing back again, Tsunade is talking with the young man named Dan. They are discussing the next days mission on the front lines. He talks about wanting to bring this war-torn under control to end all the needless death. For that he wants to protect the village and become Hokage. That's his dream. Tsunade kisses Dan's forehead and give him her necklace.

Tsunade covered in Dan's blood
Tsunade covered in Dan's blood

The next day, Dan lay bleeding. Tsunade is over him trying to use her medical jutsu to save his life. He tells her that he doesn't want to die, but his kidney has been destroyed in the attack he suffered. Tsunade lies to Dan that she was able to stop the bleeding and that he'll be fine. Dan is relieved but slips away. Tsunade tries to stop the bleeding but fails. Dan is dead and her hands and face are covered in his blood. Overcome with grief she goes into shock from the blood and screams out in agony. Back in the present time, Tsunade sits crying alone in the moonlight.

Back at Naruto's hotel room, Shizune has been telling Naruto this same story. She wants Naruto to understand that since that day Tsunade has been changed. Naruto heads out to start training now.

The next day, Naruto is still trying to perfect the Resengan. That night, Jiraiya walks in on Shizune and Tsunade at a stall. He asks Shizune to leave them to talk. They talk and he asks if Naruto is on her mind, then asks if she will meet with Orichimaru. She's surprised, but he explains that he can tell by the way her and Shizune have been acting. He tells her to think carefully about accepting any deal that would endanger the Hidden Leaf Village. If she does, he threatens to kill her. He goes on that no one cares more for the well being of the village and she yells for him to stop the lectures. She just wants to know why he brought Naruto here. He just says that Naruto resembles her brother, but she knows there is more to it. They have the same dream and more.

Tsunade flashes back to when she was treating her brother's minor wounds. She tries to tell him to run if things get too dangerous, but Nawaki shouts back that men don't run from a fight. Naruto has the same dream and cocky personality.

Elsewhere, Naruto lay exhausted and claims he'll get it tomorrow. The next morning, Jiraiya wakes with a hangover and notices that Naruto never came back. Tsudane is walking alone in the street thinking about Orochimaru's offer and the proposal to be Hokage.

Ending Theme-

"Ryusei (流星)" by Tia

Moves This Episode

CharacterTechnique Name
Naruto UzumakiRasengan (failed)
TsunadeHealing Jutsu (flashback)

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Masashi Kishimoto Concept Artist He is the creator, writer, and artist, of the successfully popular manga and anime series: NARUTO


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