Infinite Stratos

Infinite Stratos is a anime/manga concept
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Powered exoskeleton's abbreviated as IS. A IS was originally designed for outer space exploration but became a new mainstream weapon for the world.


A Photo of a Early Space IS
A Photo of a Early Space IS

In the near future, a Japanese scientist named Tabane Shinonono engineered the powered exoskeleton called the Infinite Stratos (IS). The IS was originally designed to be operated in outer space but was halted and was used for warfare. Possessing technology and combat capabilities far more advanced than any other weapon system, the IS threatens to destabilize the world. Faced with such an overpowering weapon, the nations of the world enact the "Alaska Treaty", which states that IS will never be used for military combat and that existing IS technology must be equally distributed to all nations, to prevent any one nation for dominating the others. With the introduction of this mighty weapon it has a major effect on society as only women are able to pilot a IS. Due to this the balance of power between men and women is broken causing women to dominate society over men.

After ten years since the first IS was introduced the world has entered a new age of peace. However the peace is shattered when a young Japanese man named Orimura Ichika is discovered being the only male on the planet able to operate a IS. Realizing his potential Ichika is sent to the IS Academy by the Japanese government to learn how to fully operate a IS and protect him from the other countries who wish to use him.


So far their has only been one of the IS engineers revealed in the series and that is Tabane Shinonono who was the first to develop the IS.

Tabane Shinonono

Tabane Shinonon is the older sister of Hoki Shinonono. After introducing the IS to the world she mysteriously disappeared mostly due to hide from others who are seeking her knowledge of the IS.

Personal IS

Blue Tears

Blue Tears
Blue Tears

The personal IS of Cecilia Alcott which is a long range sniping IS which can also deploy four remotely controlled drones (AKA Blue Tears) which is used for short and medium range combat.



The personal IS of Huang Lingyin. The Shenlong is a short-to-medium melee type IS which uses the pilots skills in martial arts and swords. The Shenlong also has two powerful cannons called "Impact Cannon" which it keeps hidden in it's shoulder armor.

Rafale Revive Custom II

Rafale Revive Custom II
Rafale Revive Custom II

The Personal IS of Charlotte Dunois which has a wide array of interchangeable weapons allowing for fast battlefield adaptation.

Schwarzer Regen

The personal IS of Laura Bodewig.



The personal IS of Ichika Orimura which is one of only two developed 4th generation IS. Byakushiki is a short-range melee-class IS which possesses the energy blade Yukihira type 2 which is a weapon originally belonging to his sister.

Chifuyu's IS

The personal IS of Ichikas older sister which is a first generation model. She piloted this IS years ago and was the strongest at the time before retiring Her main weapon was the Yukihira energy blade.

Maya's IS

The personal IS of Maya Yamada which was used when she was the Japanese representative cadet. It's main weapons are a sniping rifle and grenade launcher. Despite this IS being a older model it was able to take down Cecilia's and Hunag's IS during a practice run.

General Information Edit
Concept Name Infinite Stratos
Japanese Name: インフィニット・ストラトス
Romaji Name: Infinitto Sutoratosu
Aliases IS
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: IS <Infinite Stratos> #1
1st anime movie:
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