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Infiltrators is an anime episode of 009-1 that was released on 10/05/2006
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Confusing 60's future spy fun. Reviewed by damswedon on Oct. 2, 2010. damswedon has written 16 reviews. His/her last review was for Wolverine. 44 out of 50 users recommend his reviews. 1 out of 1 user found this review helpful.

 009-1 Is a Spyience Fiction Anime, for those who don’t know what that is think James bond in spaaace! Well to tell the truth from the first episode, 009-1 seems more like Charlies Angels crossed with The Bionic Woman and The Avengers. We have a team of four (so far) 009 agents each with special cybernetic enhancements these are;
  • 009-1 "on the job"
    009-1 "on the job"
    009-7 who has the ability to change her face at will and to reference James Bond speaks with such a Cockney accent that I would not be surprised if she exclaimed “ You’re nicked you slag!
  • 009-4 who can fire rockets and grenades out of her arms and legs.
  • 009-3 who’s eyes can see through walls and might be able read people’s minds.
  • 009-1 who has sex with people and has gun boobs. No really. That's all I can gather from the first episode, she “is bedded” by two different people and ends up shooting one with her gun boobs.

 Episode one instead of trying to set up some kind of context decides to throw us head first into an assignment, the girls are tasked to rescue a doctor who has created a new type of fuel that in the wrong hands could be turned into a super weapon. This threatens to disrupt an upcoming peace treaty between two factions that are locked in a cold war. Where is this set? You ask. Well the show doesn’t really decide to tell us, it references the eastern and western block and one bad guy talks with a terrible German accent so it might be East and West Germany. The episode kinda just does it’s thing and wraps up all nicely, and sets up this “no rest for a spy” thing at the end.


 The show looks nice, it has this 60’s view of the future with the spies wearing silver and blue pencil dresses that end just above the knee for movement (and panty shots of course). The hairstyles for the girls also are very 60’s most noticeably with 009-1 who has one of those Bobs that juts out at an angle at the end that comes out into the face. The animation is nice and rather realistic minus one part where 009-1 changes direction about five times in the air without touching anything. The sound design is good as well, minus 009-7’s frequent exclamations of “corblimey”.
 I really hope that the show decides to at least explain the setting because in it’s current state there is no reason to care if the team succeeds in thwarting the bad guys. If not that then at least give the agents some kind of back-story and characterisation other than “Cockney”.
Note this Review is based on the English dub so any misunderstandings I might of made could of come from that.

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