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Aki Aoi

Sister of Sora and Nami in Aki-Sora.

Akio Ohtori

The attractive and sexually induced acting chairman of the Ohtori Academy. It's hinted that he and Dios were one and the same in his youth, but he lost his purpose as a prince making him possibly comparable to a fallen angel.

Anthy Himemiya

She is "The Rose Bride" that grants the Sword of Dios to whomever wins in a Rose Duel for her.

Beatrice Ushiromiya

Kinzo's daughter. She is named after her mother and a spitting image of her. She becomes Beatrice's base after she's killed.


A high school student who's in love with her younger brother, Yuuta. She teases him to get attention.

Chizuna Takashiro

"A child with a mole in the path of their tears is destined to have a sorrowful life full of them." - Japanese Proverb

Haruka Kasugano

Haruka is the main character in Yosuga no Sora who pretty much has all the girls fall head over heels for him.

Haruka Kuran

Kaname's father.

Haruka Minagawa

Haruka Minagawa is a cousin of Youichi Shibamata who is his first young love.

Hikaru Hitachiin

The elder and less mature of the Hitachiin twins.

Iku Yuuki

Jose Emilio & Xavier Tsuda Soriano Bros.

Jose Emilio & Xavier Tsuda Soriano Bros. are the cousins of Tomonori Tsuda from Holland. They love to dress as girls and cute things.

Juri Kuran

Kaname and Yuuki's mother. Wife and sister to Haruka Kuran. Has ties to Kaien Cross, headmaster of Cross Academy in the past. Kaien tried to kill her when she was pregnant with Yuuki but convinced him to start a school where vampires and humans could attend.

Kaname Clan

One of the few remaining pureblood vampires in existance, Kaname Kuran is the undisputed leader of the vampires at Cross Academy.

Kaoru Hitachiin

The younger, slightly more honest, arguably more mature of the mischievous Hitachiin twins.

Kazuna Takashiro

"My life is elsewhere now." Volume 2, Chapter 9

Kinzo Ushiromiya

Knzo Ushiromiya is the head of the Ushiromiya household, and a practitioner of occult magic.


Kneesocks is a demon and one half of the Scanty and Kneesocks duo.

Koshiro Saeki

Romantically Torn Male Lead of Koi Kaze


Elfen Lied's Main Character and Love Interest of Lucy/Nyuu and Yuka

Kyoko Ogura

Kyoko Ogura is the eccentrics and caring mother of Ryu Ogura, and she's a witch.

Lilia Eberwein

A princess that is forced to become a sex slave by her own brother.

Mana Ouma

Mana Ouma is Shu's older sister, and is the first to get infected by the Apocalypse Virus.

Mikoto Shiratori

She is a character of the hentai Inyouchuu.

Mio Shinohara

Mio Shinohara is the cousin of Yusuke. They are secretly having an affair.

Mitsuki Toyohara

Mitsuki Toyohara is one of the main characters in Anyone You Can Do I Can Do Better. She is the mother of Reina Toyohara.


character of the hentai HHH

Nami Aoi

Twin sister of Sora. Constantly trying to set her brother up with her best friend, Kana Sumiya.

Nanoka Kohinata

Koshiro's Long Lost Sister from Koi Kaze


Naoki is the protagonist of Niku Mesu.

Neena Hagen

One of the leaders of the Delmos and the sister of Rudolf Hagen. She respects and loves her brother Rudolf to a level beyond siblings and would do anything for him.

Reina Toyohara

Reina Toyohara is one of the main characters in the series, Anyone You Can Do I Can Do Better. Constantly competes in sexual acts with her mother to win Yusukes heart.


A member of the Kimon Clan. She puts her mission on hold for the Dragon Stone and goes after Jubei because he killed her brother.

Riko Ichinose

A former famous model, and one of the main characters of Ran Sem.

Rudolf Hagen

Neena Hagen's older brother. Hagen was born as a genetically altered test tube baby, in the process he received superior genes. Because of that he yearns for superior women to impart the genes to his next generation.

Sara Mudo

Sayoko Bessho

Sayoko Bessho is a lovely teacher who's admired as the Madonna of her school.


Scanty is a demon and one half of the Scanty and Kneesocks duo.

Setsuna Mudo

The current reincarnation of Alexial. He is in love with is sister, Sara Mudo.

Sora Aoi

The lead character of Aki-Sora. Brother of Nami and Aki.

Sora Kasugano

Haruka's twin sister. She has a weak body so Haruka is always looking after her.

Takeru Shiratori

She is the sister of Mikoto Shiratori, and a character from the hentai, Inyouchuu.

Yori Yuuki


Kohta's cousin around his age and moves in with him at the inn. She in both versions has feelings for kouta.


The central character in all of Henmaru Machino's adult manga works. She is passionate about nearly every sexual act and perversity in existence.


Yuriko is Naoki's mother.

Yuuki Cross

A cute, chipper brunette hiding a very sad past, some of which she herself isn't really aware of.

YĆ«ki Futaba

Yuuki Futaba is the male protagonist's younger sister who came at her parents' request to take care of her older brother. Things escalate when her brother makes sexual advances on Futaba.

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