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Inaba was an old province of Japan created before the modern prefecture system was established in 1871. It was located on the eastern area of land that became the Tottori Prefecture.


Inaba is a fictional town in the series Persona 4. It is meant to represent the smaller towns that are common in Japan that are mostly rural in structure. The closest large city is Okina, a city that provides theaters and shopping experiences for the characters and is a short trip away on the train (only an hour or so). The town was founded as a coal mining site, and a town quickly built up around this.

Even though the city in the anime is fictional, there was once a Province in Japan known as Inaba, which could have been the inspiration for this location. Today this province is gone and is now part of the Eastern Tottori Prefecture.


The town of Inaba
The town of Inaba

Persona 4

In Persona 4, the protagonist Souji Seta moves to Inaba to stay with his Uncle and cousin while his parents are away on business. The town is much smaller than what he is used to back in the big city, with very few districts dividing it up.

Yasogami High School

The high school that the heroes of the game go to. The school offers a limited number of sports clubs and after school activities.

Junes Department Store

The largest shopping center in Inaba, which is managed by Yosuke's father. The success of this shopping center has worsened the economic situation of the residents of Inaba as it has started to get rid of other businesses with them not able to compete with their low prices and wide selection.

The Amagi Inn

The largest attraction in Inaba is this Inn owned by Yukiko's family. It is famous for its hotsprings and its connection to a murder of a local celebrity.

Samegawa Flood Plane

The main way that students take to get to school in Inaba. It is borders a river with a wide selection of fish swimming in it.

Central Shopping District

This area used to be the largest shopping area in Inaba until Junes began to put the stores out of business. It is still famous for being the location of Tatsumi Textiles (owned by Kanji's mother), Marukyu Tofu (owned by Rise's grandmother), Daidara Metalworks (home to a wide selection of weapons to be sold and crafted), and several restaurants including Chinese Diner Aiya (home to the Rainy Day Beef Bowl challenge).

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Location Name Inaba
Japanese Name: 稲羽 (いなば)
Romaji Name: Inaba
Aliases Yasoinaba
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