In a Sentimental Mood

In a Sentimental Mood is an anime episode of Kids on the Slope that was released on 06/14/2012

In a Sentimental Mood

Having received mittens from Ritsuko, Kaoru still does not have the confidence in himself to confront Ritsuko. Kaoru spends a lot of time worrying about Ritsuko and Sentaro, and sometimes not enough time worrying about himself. When Kaoru catches a fever, will he be strong enough to get better? Also the rock band Olympus (led by Seiji) vows to win this year's school summer festival, claiming that jazz is old-fashioned.

Plot Summary

Kaoru wonders about the mittens
Kaoru wonders about the mittens

It has started snowing and Kaoru is not sure whether to wear the mittens Ritsuko knitted for him. Kaoru tells himself not to get his hopes up, since he was rejected before. At school, news about Yurika eloping has spread quickly. When Kaoru hears this, Kaoru is worried about Sentaro. Kaoru finds Sentaro looking at the painting that Yurika did of him, it is hung in the hallway on the wall. Two student come to take it down, explaining that the school will not display work from a student involved in a scandal. Sentaro is not worried at all, and actually finds it kind of funny that Kaoru is so worried about him.

On their way home Kaoru asks Sentaro if he recieved something knitted recently. Sentaro says yes. Kaoru uses this to jump to the conclusion that Ritsuko first knitted a sweater for Sentaro then used the leftover yarn to knit mittens for Kaoru. But this is not the case as Sentaro shows Kaoru a "Lily-yarn" which he got from Sachiko the other day (one of Sentaro's younger siblings). Kaoru is relieved, and stops walking to put on the mittens. Sentaro takes this opportunity to throw a snowball at Kaoru. They start chasing each other down the slope and happen to pass by Ritsuko. Kaoru thanks her for the warm mittens and Ritsuko smiles as Sentaro and Kaoru keep trying to hit each other with snowballs.

When all three of them get back to the Mukae Records Store, Ritsuko remembers that classes are going to be changed soon, and that third years get divided by their grades. Both Kaoru and Ritsuko plan to go to college. Ritsuko wants to become an elementary school teacher. Sentaro is not even sure if he will make it to third year. Kaoru immediately starts trying to help Sentaro study. Kaoru will not allow Sentaro to fail. As they spend the next few hours studying, eventually Sentaro needs a break. Sentaro's younger siblings come play with him. Kaoru comments how Sentaro looks so happy around kids. Unfortunately, one of the younger ones that Kaoru is holding accidentally pees herself and gets some on Kaoru, forcing him to go take a bath as his clothes are washed.

"Sachiko I brought some soap."-Ritsuko
"Sachiko I brought some soap."-Ritsuko

Unfortunately as Kaoru is taking a bath, Ritsuko comes by to drop off some extra soap. Thinking it is Sachiko, Ritsuko goes right in and sees a near naked Kaoru. Ritsuko apologizes, and follows this by saying that she wished she had given Kaoru the mittens sooner. Kaoru says it is fine. Kaoru asks why Ritsuko gave him the mittens and not Sentaro. Ritsuko does not answer and goes back inside. Kaoru is bothered by this and after he finishes bathing he decides to go home even thoughSentaro invites him to stay for dinner.

Sentaro ends up passing his exams and wants to find a way to thank Kaoru properly. Unfortunately Kaoru caught a fever and is at home resting. Sentaro goes to the basement and sees Ritsuko there playing the melody with her index finger of "Someday My Prince Will Come." Sentaro asks Ritsuko to come with him to see Kaoru. When they are at Kaoru's place Sentaro urges Ritsuko to go see him herself, which she eventually does. Kaoru sees both of them outside from his window.

"Ritsuko, I LOVE YOU!"-Kaoru
"Ritsuko, I LOVE YOU!"-Kaoru

Kaoru says that Sentaro should have come in with her. Kaoru tries talking through his fever, saying that he understands how he is no match for Sentaro and that Ritsuko is better off with Sentaro than him. Ritsuko tells him to stop. Ritsuko prepares to leave. Before leaving she wonders out loud whether Kaoru even likes her anymore, or if it is just that Kaoru has no confidence. Ritsuko says that it was Kaoru who told her to have confidence in herself, but now she is sad that Kaoru isn't confident, which makes her feel unconfident too. Ritsuko leaves and Kaoru finally realizes how stupid he has been this whole time. Kaoru, with his fever, struggles out of bed and down the stairs to catch Ritsuko just as she takes her first few steps out of the building. Kaoru stumbles up to Ritsuko and repeatedly shouts, "I love you." Just as they are about to kiss, Kaoru collapses due to his fever.

"Old-fashioned jazz musicians."-Seiji
"Old-fashioned jazz musicians."-Seiji

Some time passes and it is summer again. Kaoru is at the Mukae Records Store. He wonders why he hasn't made much progress with Ritsuko since he had that fever. Ritsuko comes down to the basement to show Sentaro and Kaoru a handout by The Olympus' claiming that they will win this years school festival. Seiji (the singer) is quoted in the article as criticizing "old-fashioned jazz musicians." Sentaro and Kaoru quickly get to work selecting what songs they are going to practice, they are going to have a lot of fun for this performance.

"Haha Richie, you worry too much about others!"-Sentaro
"Haha Richie, you worry too much about others!"-Sentaro

On his own way home, Kaoru sees Sachiko sitting alone in the park. Kaoru asks what is wrong. Sachiko explains that their father is coming back soon. Kaoru remembers that Sentaro is not on the best terms with his father. Kaoru walks Sachiko home. Sentaro cheers Sachiko up and tells her not to worry about Dad getting drunk and scary because Dad is better now. Once Sachiko goes inside, Sentaro then tells Kaoru not to worry so much about him too. Sentaro stays up late, and for some reason is deciding not to play in the upcoming festival with Kaoru.

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Shinichiro Watanabe Director Anime director.
Nobuteru Yuki Character Artist/Designer
Yoko Kanno Music Yoko Kanno is a Japanese musical composer for anime and video games.


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