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Welcome to the weekly Campione! report! After Ena makes her debut last episode, we had a brawl between Ena and Erica because Ena feels Godou's harem should only include Japanese women.

As Erica and Ena's fight drags out, Ena allows her sword to consume herself to defeat Erica. With Erica dying, Godou uses his Ten Avatars to save Erica with more kissing. Then, an unknown intruder attacks Godou's group.

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Beware of Spoilers!


There's was not much good stuff for me in this episode, so I list the bizarre.

Meet Metis, Athena's evil twin
Meet Metis, Athena's evil twin
  • Athena and Shizuka's scene: Athena makes Godou sound like a pedophile.
  • Godou and Erica's suggestive scene: I believe it was an implied sex scene. You got Godou embracing and kissing Erica in a missionary position, and Erica has this loud moaning that sounds like she got an orgasm. It's really ridiculous.
  • Athena has an evil clone called Metis. I was wrong that Athena had eaten Perseus last time.

Euphemism Quotes

  • Godou: I will inject you with my divine protection. I imagine it'll be rough, but bear with it!
  • Erica: I can feel you inside me. It feels so warm... (the viewers are shown Erica's stomach)
Campione's biggest wtf scene - Erica's implied sex scene
Campione's biggest wtf scene - Erica's implied sex scene

Sorry for digressing and talking a lot about this strange erotic scene.


Ena's Cowgirl scene
Ena's Cowgirl scene
  • Erica's Near Death Scene:Forgive everyone, I didn't feel much sympathy or any feelings for Erica. Plus, she is back to normal after Godou's little sex scene.
  • Too much kissing: Every episode of Campione has a kissing scene, but this episode had the most kissing scene, and it had the longest one ever.
  • Typical Fan Service Physics: You got to love how Ena seemingly fall on top of Godou in a cowgirl position. Ladies just seem to fall onto Godou's lap.

This episode is decent, and the fan service along with the Godou and Erica's implied sex scene is ridiculous. How could they have time to do it before the battle with Ena? The episode's plot just didn't work out, and the action leaves a lot to be desired.


Thank you guys and gals for reading this report. If you love this series, please support it and the wiki editors.

Wiki Progress:

New Pages: Ama no Murakumo, Haya Susano Wo No Mikoto, Metis

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I always check the characters, concepts, and sometimes objects to see if they are okay. There's too much characters to list here that I look at and maintain it. I create this blog to inform new users and to prevent future vandalism. I got a master list here that I can just click and click to check biweekly.


  • Shaman I created this for the shaman king project. I update it if I see new information. I am not sure if there is other franchises that have shamans in it.
  • Ghost - I made a table for every franchise. I must be a table maniac.
  • Rock Hard Abs - I made this because anime vice needs to stay from idolizing breasts and other womanly areas. Just kidding. I made this because I work on Fairy Tail too much and see Gray and Lyon stripping. I chose Alex Armstrong Image because it's a wonderful image for that concept. Speaking of concepts, I added a table of concepts. I picked Armstrong, Lyon with Gray, Stein, and Erza Scarlet for the table.
    Please add some characters to this concept. It needs love.
  • Implied Sex Scene - I saw this "theme" in Shaman King, Abenobashi, and Fate Stay Night. Now, I  make sure people add their info.  Please thank Dekken for uploading a beautiful image of Takashi and Saeko's implied sex scene.
  • Cultural Diversity - I wrote on the concept thread that I created this to break the racial barrier in Anime. That page is difficult to write for. I have not added the characters, but the locations.
  • Guild - Thanks to DestinyHeroKnight for adding this. I added a table of Fairy Tail people stamps on it.
  • Animal Cruelty - Killing pandas is no-no when I saw Ren's dad kill the panda for no reason.
  • X-Laws - Still working on it and its table.
  • Hao's Followers -  I got one or two more people. Got to finish anime/manga differences for it.
  • Patch Tribe -  Still working on it. I only read the manga up to 15, so there's not much Patch Tribe officiants.
  • Yin and Yang - Provide an outline: Overview, Character Table, Concept Example, and Other media. I am proud of this page.
  • Loss of Innocence - I provide an outline and filled in the reasons. Somewhere in May, I find Juuhachi submitted her Shiki characters on that page. 
  • Silver Claiming - Created this one for the Rave Master Project with Fire_Star in May. Still working on it.
  • Promise - The concept thread inspired me to do it.
  • Broken Promise - Also, the concept thread inspires me to do it.
  • Beauty Mark - 6-2-2011
  • Lip Ginity
  • Team Hana Gumi
  • Team Ice Men
  • Team Funabari Hot Springs
Images from Shaman, Rock Hard Abs, Implied Sex Scene, Cultural Diversity

New Concepts Added due to Rave Master Wiki Project and other Inspirations


  • Oracle Pager - I made a color table!
  • Scarf - Inspired by Natsu and Anna, Obscurefan, Piface314, Obsidian609, and the Fairy Tail Team
  • Sarashi - I thank FoxxFireArt for helping me start on this because I did not know the Japanese word for this "bandages". I like to thank Piface314 because she told me about tvtropes, a good source of info. Though she and FoxxFireArt added more characters than me.
  • Candle - For the benefit of Anime Vice. It started with a Descendants of Darkness inspiration.

This is a general list of wikis what I worry about. I have to update it and check on it from time to time.
I also worked on people's concepts such as guild and ghost. There are more concepts that need love.
Here is a link to concept idea threads. EganTheVile1, sickVisionz, and the others have contributed so much to Anime Vice.
Go Anime Vice!
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It's a personal log helps me manage time

I have no community service this week. With no job and free time for studying and animevice, I just had to list what I have done. It's pretty inconsistent with the projects I had. Fairy Tail and Shaman King. I Postponed Hetalia, Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka? and started Descendants of Darkness project. 
*After spring break is over, I will only do animevice on weekends, but only in small amounts. 
Friday: Worked on Shaman King anime page and some of the volumes. Caption some images for Fairy Tail and added episode appearances. 
Hunted characters for sarashi and scarf.

Saturday: Finished working on Fairy Tail episode 71. Edited "Zero" episode for Fairy Tail. Added concepts for Wendy. Added info to some of the Shaman King episodes. 
Finished Fairy Tail episode "Titanica falls" and "home." E-mail my friends to upload images on Fairy Tail episodes.

Sunday: Spent 8 hours on Descendants of Darkness. I worked on two episodes and added many characters to the franchise. Most of time was spent editing the images, so they look good for the anime and character pages. Created new concepts and new objects (ie: silver eye, red moon, candle)
Started to organized Fairy Tail major character images into arc galleries. 
Monday:  Worked on Shaman King episodes. Worked on Fairy Tail volume 12 and episode "Destiny."  Uploaded images for Unlimited Blade Works.
E-mail my friends to upload images on Fairy Tail episodes.
Tuesday: Worked mostly on Shaman King episodes 12-15. Add info and images to Shaman King characters. Edit Shaman King project Blog.  After a day's work, had do the usual hw: Genetic replication and stereochemistry. At night, I can finally relax when I watched Raising up Hope and Traffic Light on Fox and George Lopez's show.
Wednesday: Usually I do animevice in the mornings, but I figure doing some studying first would be better. Today, just rewatch Shaman King episodes 15 and 16 in dub
 They won't show this on FoxBox
 They won't show this on FoxBox
to find out if there were altercations in the dialogue because I saw something they will not post on FoxBox. If I do find something, I will add to the episode wikis.
I had an idea I should do a recognition blog for the Fairy Tail team who contributed hours of work for the wiki. I will do it on Friday.

New concepts and new friends plus some bugs in Shaman King episodes

 Learned today that EgantheVile1 has added slavery concept and I will add to some of the Fairy Tail episodes (Tower of Heaven Arc)
Ran into some problems saving my work on episode 15 of Shaman King. It was fine yesterday, but today, it's was a glitch in saving it. I already submitted a bug. It turns out that the bug is due to the Japanese characters embedded in the title. FoxxFireart is probably fixing it right now since he help approve my work on Shaman King episodes.
Learned today that EgantheVile1 has added claymore women to the silver eye concept. That was cool. Also, I followed him. 

Fairy Tail Arc Galleries

Sometimes, I check what's AnnaBanana doing. (not stalking her) I found out she has added over 63 images for episode 72 and she agreed to organized the images for the major characters. I changed gears to help her organized the images into galleries by arc. Today I have finished organizing all of Wendy Marvell and Mystogan's
 March 30 wiki points
 March 30 wiki points
images and only 15 pages of Erza Scarlet. It's about 13 more pages of images I need to organize into arc galleries.
Before the end of the day, added all of the Fairy Tail people I could think was a slave from the Tower of Heaven arc.
Thursday: After dropping my bro at school, head over to the library to look for some Shaman King vol. 9-11 and some books about Stats or Ochem or maybe slavery so I can add some more to the concept page. I don't know much about Japan's history about slavery, but I do know about the U.S. slavery of blacks and sex trafficking in modern times. It's sad I have to see my race being sex slaves in this country. After coming out of the library, I had a good feeling that I got that girl to join Animevice and to love Naruto.
After watching the dub and the sub episodes of Shaman King, I know I have to do a section in the Shaman King Anime page called "Changes in the sub to dub dialogue in some of the episodes" Here is my work.
 Changes in the Sub to Dub Dialogue in some of the episodes
 There are times where there is a stark contrast of what characters actually say in the sub versus the dub. (See episode 18 and 14) Sometimes it's for  unknown reasons or to avoid homosexual or religious issues. 
Please look at this image from episode 14. I was wondering why in the dub they had to swap the character (gender) to say a compliment to Horohoro's sister.
Shaman King ep 14
Shaman King ep 14

Natsu thinks he did it too hard
Natsu thinks he did it too hard
It's almost the end of the day where I have to stop doing wiki edits. I finished organizing Erza's images. Finished organizing 20 pages of Natsu's page (caption some images). Realized there was 20 more pages. Oh my god..... I sent a pm to a friend to take care of Yohmei for me. 
Worked on Wally and Shou's page.  Watched Fairy tail ep 72 before I go to do some hw.
I procrastinated on my school work too much. Logging out. see ya!
 Friday: I had to rewatch fairy tail ep 72 because I forgot most of stuff I supposed to type. Jesus! I was thinking of doing 3 episode summaries for Fairy tail since I have not done any episode summaries for the anime in two days. I have to fulfill my promise to organize all of Natsu's images. During the afternoon, I watched one half of the dub episode and a full sub episode for episode 20 of Fairy Tail. I noticed that there were some differences in the dialogue such as Lisanna's command and Natsu's remark to Lucy when Lucy teases Natsu that he never get a girl if he keeps acting like a tough guy.  I was pleased with the images I have edited because they were better quality than the Shaman King images I found. Sigh.... I wanted to find better images for Shaman King, but most of the videos are blurry or have watermarks that I have to remove.
Today's the day I have finished the recognition blog. I spent a good hour hunting down users on many of the Fairy Tail wiki pages for characters, episodes, and much more. I wish I had a better table and a complete knowledge of what everyone did, but I did not have time to send private messages to every user to ask them what they did. I was afraid of annoying them.
The evening was really busy. I was rewatching Fairy Tail episode 72 with my sister because she has not seen it yet. For the recognition blog, I received many love and requests that I forgot something. I should have done more research on who did what for the Fairy tail, but in the end, it all turned out right. I put down DestinyHeroKnight and JBog's contributions down. The last work I spent on was Shaman episodes 19-20 and backfilling episodes and volumes with the newly created characters Tao Yuan and Goldva. I went back to search my notes for the manga and it was messy. Sigh if only my manga notes were detailed as my anime notes for Shaman King.  Also, Annabanana completed organizing all of Natsu's Daybreak arc which was in the last 20 pages I needed to work on. When I checked, Natsu's page was done and it was thanks to Anna.

Reality hits me

 I feel like I used up the whole day for animevice when JBog reminded me of college in his request. I always fear failing classes in college because one class can stop and delay you from your career. Maybe I should take a break and studied the whole weekend. I hate Organic chemistry because my strengths are skewed. I am too strong in biology and really weak in chemistry. The job I'm after requires mastering both subjects. I will put up two images of my wiki points progress. Signing off. 
Saturday: Did not do much since I was participating in the Khmer parade in Long Beach that morning. Did some studying and started to do wiki stuff from 4PM-10PM. 
Blog: Edit to show the guild concepts because I did not look at these carefully because the teams and fairy tail guild are very detailed. 
Forums: Played in Newten's forum and "Say something about a user" forum
New Concepts: Implied Sex scene (took me a while to find the images and episode/chapter to link it), Friendly Fire (b/c of ep 73 Fairy Tail) , Collateral Damage
Newten followed me. I already followed him and the mods except Sorathekey (a new mod), Sonata, and Kelleth from the birth of my account.
Sunday: The last day of Spring Break. After laundry, studying, and preparing for tomorrow, I checked animevice and found some clues from Sotyfan16 about an implied sex scene in episode 9 of Highschool of the Dead. I took his advice and I watched it. After watching, I was kind of disgusted with the show with the main character Takashi squeezing his friend's, Saeko, breasts hard just to motivate her. He tells Saeko that he will accept her no matter how insane she gets. Besides that dreadful scene,  I had the 3 images to write on implied sex scene page. This adds up to four franchises total.
I decided to only do episode 21 for Shaman King and a random episode for Fairy Tail if I have time. I have to finish a project that I have started no matter what. It goes for projects that I put in the Vitae list and the bounties I accept. 
I am done today, but I went off tangent in my wiki task again. It's time to a summary table. The captain's log is done.
Wiki page
Specific page
 New Concepts created
 Silver eye, Red Moon, Implied Sex Scene, Friendly fire, Collateral damage
 Discovered old concepts
 Omake, Slavery, Rape, Disability
 New Objects created
 Candle, Scarf, Sarashi, Snowboard,
 New Characters
 Yohmei Asakura, Ponchi and Conchi
 Episodes Fairy Tail 40, 41, 72, 73,  more
Descendants of Darkness ep 1 and 2
Shaman King total 21 episodes. Did 11-21 during this break
 This one and the Recognition blog

Since I love to use images in my wiki, here's some images and captions that I like.

Natsu: Be a man!
Natsu: Be a man!

Faust adoring his Eliza.
Faust adoring his Eliza.
ep 15 shirou and saber's love and Implied Sex Scene
ep 15 shirou and saber's love and Implied Sex Scene
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