Implied Sex Scene Concepts

Implied Sex Scene is a anime/manga concept
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Censorship And Localization

No sex is shown or the word "sex" is said directly in the implied sex scene.

Dreams & Nightmares

Happens in Fate Stay Night's implied sex scenes (including the movie). Every time Shirou has "sex" with Saber or Rin, he will "enter" their minds and sees their pasts and dreams.

First Kiss

The act of someone giving or receiving their first kiss, or a particular couple kissing for the first time.

First Time

Many of the characters in this concept are virgins.


The same thing with Fate Stay Night's relationship with Dreams and Nightmares. Shirou will "enter" Saber's or Rin's mind and explore their pasts during the implied sex scenes.


Applies to Ikki Tousen and other animes.

Visual Novel

Fate Stay night is a visual novel that had eroge scenes. When Fate Stay Night becomes an anime and a movie, its eroge scenes become implied sex scenes.

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