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48-superpowered artifacts created by an emperor to protect his kingdom a thousand years ago. A major element of Akame Ga Kill!s world.


In order to safeguard his kingdom's future, the first Emperor of Akame Ga Kill's setting called upon the greatest minds in the empire to use the greatest resources at his disposal to create 48 artifacts of unrivaled power. A thousand years have passed, and the power of these "Imperial Arms" has not been surpassed, but they have been scattered and many are now lost or not in the possession of the empire.


Imperial Arms are typically objects which either grant a special power to the user, or possess great destructive capabilities in of themselves. While they are often referred to as weapons, many of them come in forms that typically wouldn't be considered weapons, or have abilities that aren't used for direct combat. Additionally, some Imperial Arms come in the form of living beings like animals or human-like beings.

Imperial Arms cannot be used by just anyone, the user must be compatible with the implement, and strong because of the strain that it places on them. Compatibility is usually determined by a person's first impression of the artifact. Furthermore, due to the demanding nature of their use a person can only have one Imperial Arm at a time.

The effectiveness of Imperial Arms can allow a small force to be as deadly as much as a larger one, and few people would have the ability to take on an Arms-user and live, much less defeat them.

Secondary Skill/Trump Card

While most Imperial Arms have an obvious primary function or ability, many have a secondary skill or ability as well. In some cases these powers compliment the main one such as Incursio's Invisibility or Ecstasy's emission of blinding light, while in others they are a greater ability meant to be used in an emergency, or at least more sparingly than the main one, such as with Spectator's "Illusion Sight" or Hekatonkheires' Berserker mode.

The Fateful Rule.

Due to the Imperial Arms power an iron rule has emerged over the years - when two or more Arms-users clash with intent to kill, at least one of them will die without fail. Thus while battles between users are usually fatal, if one merely seeks to capture their opponent, or to escape then the battle can end without casualty.

Known Imperial Arms

  • Owner: Akame
  • Description: A katana whose slightest cut will kill any living being.
  • Owner: Mine, Najenda (Former)
  • Description: This rifle uses spirit energy and grows more powerful the greater the danger the users finds themselves in.
  • Owner: Tatsumi, Bulat (Former)
  • Description: Armor that totally envelopes the user, protecting them but also enhancing their physical prowess. When experienced enough, the user can wield a spear called Neuntöte.
  • Hidden Ability: Invisibility
Lionelle (known as Lionel)
  • Owner: Leone
  • Description: A belt that confers beast-like enhancements upon the user when activated.
Cross Tails
  • Owner: Lubbock
  • Description: Incredibly strong and adaptable threads. Amongst its various uses are tripwires, restraint, cutting or binding and wrapping into different weapons.
  • Owner: Sheele (Former)
  • Description: A set of massive scissors made from an ultra durable material, they can be used to cut virtually anything, or block most attacks.
  • Hidden Ability: Produces a blinding light.
Belvark (Crunchyroll)/ Belvaac
  • Owner: Daidara (Former)
  • Description: a double-bladed great-axe that requires incredible strength & can be split into parts and thrown as homing projectiles
Black Marlin (Crunchyroll)/ Black Marine
  • Owner: Liver (Former)
  • Description: a ring that allows its wearer to manipulate water.
  • Owner: Nyau (Former)
  • Description: A flute that manipulates the emotions of those that hear it.
  • Owner: Seryu Ubiquitous
  • Description: a living weapon shaped like a dog, it has incredible strength and endurance.
  • Owner: Kurome
  • Description: A katana that can revive up to 8 victims as undead thralls.
Thousand-Mile Flight: Mastema
  • Owner: Run
  • Description: A set of discs that project wings allowing the user to fly and fire feather-like projectiles.
Purgatory's Invitation: Rubicante
  • Owner: Bols
  • Description: A flamethrower which projects flames far beyond the heat and reach of other weapons of its type.
Grand Chariot
  • Owner: Wave
  • Description: A suit of armour that boosts the wearer's strength, Incursio is its prototype.
  • Owner: Dr. Styles
  • Description: A set of gloves that grant the user precision far beyond normal human limits, ideal for intricate surgery.
Gaea Foundation
  • Owner: Chelsea
  • Description: A box of make-up that lets the user assume the form of any person or animal.
  • Owner: Najenda
  • Description: A sentient, human-like Arm created to act as a bodyguard & valet for VIPs. He is superhumanly strong, fast, precise & durable and also excels at housework.
  • Owner: Emperor Makoto
  • Description: A giant mech-like Imperial Arm that can shoot lasers.
Honest's Unknown Imperial Arms
  • Owner: Honest
  • Description: An Imperial Arms in a ring form has the power to destroy an Imperial Arms. Seems to be a one use item.

Spectator - used by the serial killer Zank, this eye-like item allows the user to read minds & muscle movement, to see far away or through things & to cast an illusion of whoever the target loves most.

Demon's Extract - A body of blood which grants ice-powers to whoever consumes it. Drank by Esdeath, the empire's strongest warrior, who leads the 3 Beasts and the Jägers. All those who previously drank it were driven insane and since Esdeath drank it all make her the sole and last user of this Teigu.

Adramelech - Used by Great General Budo, its form and function aren't entirely known but it appears to be a pile-bunker.

Adayusu - This mysterious Arm is a scythe of unknown ability. Its wielder is Horimaca, who worked for the Empire's spy Bolic.

Divination Imperial Arm - its name, particular owner and exact abilities haven't been revealed, but it is in the possession of the Rebel Army & can predict the future to some extent.

General Information Edit
Thing Name Imperial Arms
Japanese Name:
Romaji Name:
Aliases Teigu
1st manga book: Akame Ga Kill! #1
1st anime episode: Akame ga Kill #1
1st anime movie:
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