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The president of the Nogawa Estate Agency sends his son Taketo to negotiate a compensation claim by Yukie Kitazawa. Yukie was injured in a traffic accident, and Nogawa hopes to settle out of court before Yukie's husband returns home from a business posting abroad. However, Taketo's method of negotiating involves drugging Yukie and then photographing himself molesting her unconscious form. Using the photographs as blackmail, he demands an impossibly high settlement from her, forcing her to become his sex slave by way of payment in lieu. His father then approaches Yukie's daughters Rumi and Tomoko and has them for himself.

Before long, Taketo is living in sin with Yukie, and also abusing the two girls. When Yukie's husband Kunihiko unexpectedly returns, there are mixed feelings in the household. Taketo and Yukie try to keep their affair secret, Tomoko wants everyone to be one big happy family, while Rumi tries to engineer her "real" father's departure (although the story implies she may be a stepdaughter, once again pandering to the not-quite-incest subgenre of so much porn anime) so she can return to the only "norm" she knows. On discovering his family members' secret, Kunihiko confesses that he has harbored a secret lust for his own daughter Tomoko for some time, and Tomoko duly offers herself to him to preserve order. These two serials, Ai Shimai 1: Coupling's Fruit (3 parts), and Ai Shimai 2 (2 parts), were later reedited to make the compilation two-parter Ai Shimai: Coupling's Fruit Juice (2004).

For the third series, released in 2004 as Ai Shimai Tsubomi, aka. Ai Shimai 3, aka Ai Shimai: Make Me Wet, aka Immoral Sisters 3: Blossoming, the title remains but the characters change. This time the "immoral sisters" are Kotono and Suzue Miyatsuji, students at a school where their mother is the principal. They both yearn for fellow student Shoichi, who will be expelled from the school if he fails his exams again. Shoichi, however, is more interested in the school nurse, Maiko. Maiko suggests that he cheat in the exams by stealing a disc containing the questions. But while he is trying to do so, he is caught by Kotono and duly rapes her in order to ensure her silence. When did it get to be so hard just to study? Based on the 2000 computer game by Elf. LNV

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General Information Edit
Name: Immoral Sisters
Release Date: Jan. 1, 2001
Name: 愛姉妹
Romaji: Ai Shimai
Release Date:
Rating: None
Runtime: 30 (mins)
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