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Gurren Lagann (2007 - 27 Episodes)

A mech/action series revolving around a young boy who winds up saving all of humanity.

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Penetrate the Heavens with Your Drill 「[お前のドリルで天を突け!!」 (Omae no Doriru de Ten wo Tsuke!!) 04/01/2007 25m
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I Said I'd Pilot It! 「俺が乗るって言ってんだ!!」 (Ore ga Norutte Ittenda!!) 04/08/2007 25m
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You Two Faced-Son of a Bitch! 顔が多けりゃ偉いのか? (Kao ga futatsu taa namaiki na!!) 04/15/2007 25m
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Does having so many faces make you great? 顔が多けりゃ偉いのか? (Kao ga ōkerya erai no ka?) 04/22/2007 25m
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I Don't Understand It At All! 俺にはさっぱりわからねぇ! (Ore ni wa sappari wakaranē!) 04/29/2007 25m
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