One Piece #31 - I'm Right Here

is a manga book published by Viz Media that was released on 12/19/2003

Plot Summary

One Piece - Vol. 31

I'm Right Here - ここにいる (Koko ni Iru)

When Mont Blanc Noland reached the shores of ancient Jaya, his teachings of modern science only fueled the distrust the Shandians had toward outsiders. But if they follow his advice in order to save their dying tribe, they'll have to sacrifice everything they hold sacred!

--- VIZ

Originally Release February 2nd, 2010


Chapter 286. The Monster of Shandora.....Pg.

シャンドラの魔物 (Shandora no Mamono)

Chapter 287. Godkiller.....Pg.

神殺し (Kamigoroshi)

Chapter 288. Curse.....Pg.

祟り (Tatari)

Chapter 289. Full Moon.....Pg.

望月 (Bōgetsu)

Chapter 290. The Light of Shandora.....Pg.

シャンドラの灯 (Shandora no Hi)

Chapter 291. I'm Right Here.....Pg.

ここにいる (Koko ni Iru)

Chapter 292. Meeting a Broken Moon Through the Clouds.....Pg.

あふことは片われ月の雲隠れ (Afukoto wa Katawaredzuki no Kumogakure)

Chapter 293. Bolero.....Pg.

舞曲 (Borero)

Chapter 294. Raigoh.....Pg.

雷迎 (Raigō)

Chapter 295. Giant Jack.....Pg.

巨大豆蔓 (Jaianto Jakku)

Moves This Volume

CharacterTechnique Name
EnelKingdom Come

Points of Interest

  • The side story of Ace is continued in the splash pages of this volume.
  • Montblanc Cricket and Pagaya appear briefly in flashbacks.
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