I'm Nae Tennoji. Nice to meet you!

I'm Nae Tennoji. Nice to meet you! is an anime episode of Robotics;Notes that was released on 11/30/2012
Akiho is elated when a grown-up Nae Tennoji offers to help the Robot Research Club build a giant robot. Meanwhile, Kaito is caught in a typhoon while searching for the elusive Kimijima Report No. 2.
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Plot Summary

Make all the robots!
Make all the robots!

In the morning, Airi predicts that the area will have a heavy downpour. Meanwhile, Kaito recounts how he was dragged to the space center by the woman with the three black vans. At the JAXA ARD, the club finds Frau, who was kidnapped and brought to the space center from a nearby store. Drawing on her knowledge of the robot genre anime, Akiho tells the group that she believes that they are being held there because JAXA has chosen them to pilot the robot of justice. Then Akiho's father and the mysterious woman enters the room. The mysterious woman introduces herself as Nae Tennouji, a member of the JAXA Innovative Technology Research Center. Then she enthusiastically announces that JAXA has decided to help the Robotic Research Club build their giant robot and help bring them to the Tokyo Expo. She explains that the center wants to support people building giant robots and had coincidentally heard of the Robotic Research Club through the Robo-1 competition and a newspaper interview that Akiho had done. Akiho becomes fired up from the prospect of the technical and financial assistance that JAXA could provide. All goes well until, the Research Center suggests that the GunBuild-1 should be designed from scratch. Unable to cope with compromising on her sister's designs, Akiho decides to decline the Research Center's help.

At the Space Center, Ken'ichiro, Akiho's father, tells Nae that should can go home for the day. Before leaving nae asks him why he didn't mention that it was his idea to help Akiho build the robot. Akiho's father replies by telling her that he was nervous to tell Akiho himself. Despite Akiho refusal to accept the offer, Nae tells Ken'ichiro that she will still try to win her approval.

Kaito groans about the tasks ahead
Kaito groans about the tasks ahead

Later, Kaito stands in front of the building where he had met Airi as sky begins to darken due to the coming typhoon. Kaito pulls out his phone and asks Airi about the Kagome-Kagome ringtone that had started playing on the the club members' phones. Airi tries to recall any information about the song, but Kaito decides to switch Airi to her Geji mode before she could say anything. Airi reveals that the incident with the ring tone had happened across Japan. Kaito then asks if there are more Kimijima Reports around the area. Airi tells him that they are 7 reports in total, but she cannot locate all of them at one time. However, she is able to able to reveal the location of the second Kimijima Report. Unlike the first report, the second report cannot be read until all the flags or conditions specified to unlock the report are done.

Having already finished the first task by meeting Airi, Kaito heads to the radar dome to push the green button. When he pushes the button, the radar dome opens to reveal a antenna. Then Kaito passes the hour by playing 'Golden Wolf Fighter IV" to fulfill the third requirement for the second Kimijima Report.

Akiho comes to Kaito's aid
Akiho comes to Kaito's aid

As the storm begins to get more serious, Akiho sends to her sister a message to make sure that Misa is up to date with the the progress of the GunBuild-1. Meanwhile, Kaito is able to achieve the the SSS rank on Golden Wolf Fighter IV to set the flag. As he celebrates his accomplishment, he notices that the storm has gone from bad to worse. Suddenly, a piece of the radar dome breaks through the window. Since Kaito had opened the dome, the antenna became vulnerable to wind damage. Kaito ends the Geji mode and Airi returns with a worried face. She tells him that if the antenna breaks she will have one less job to do. She explains that she has been checking if the machine sound broadcasts correctly under the orders of her master. If the antenna is broken she can no longer do that. At Akiho's house, a phone rings and Akiho's mother tells her that Kaito has still not returned home. Because Kaito wants to help Airi, he climbs the radar dome and tries to press the green button again. This task proves to be more difficult than the last because of the wind and Kaito falls from the radar dome. As he is falling, his Elephant-Mouse Syndrome kicks in and gives him the reaction speed to grab onto a railing. Kaito pulls himself into the deck and lies still as he can no longer move. As Kaito's strength wanes, he faints. Then he is waken by Akiho, who sits by his side. She tells him that Airi had appeared on her phone and told her that Kaito was in trouble on the old radar dome.

Kaito rests in bed
Kaito rests in bed

Later Kaito is taken into a hospital. On the next day , he apologizes to all the people had caused trouble for. He explains what Airi is to Akiho and he sets the third flag. With all the flags set, Kaito finds and read the Kimjima Report. In this report, Kimijima warns that the Committee of 300 plans to reduce the human population to 1 billion and create a unified government through propaganda. He also warns that the reader should watch out for the Kagome Kagome Song because the song has a symbolic meaning the organization and that the song can be encountered when the organization is doing their experiments.

Points of Interest

  • References: Akiho did the Gendo Pose. It's a homage to an anime, Neon Genesis Evangelion.
  • References: There is a reference to Super Street Fighter IV in the form of "Golden Wolf Fighter IV"
  • Akiho breaks the fourth wall when she tells her club members that this thing happens in robot anime all the time. She thinks her team is chosen to operate a robot of justice.
  • Nae Tennoji is a character originally from Steins;Gate as a little girl. In the Steins;Gate, she was the daughter of a character named Mr. Braun. In this universe, she's a grown woman working as a member of the JAXA ARD's Innovative Technology Research Center.
  • Kimijima Report No.2 is located in the Uchugaoka Park area.
  • An alpha version of IRUO was developed in 2010 and its developer was Kou Kimijima.

No. Kimijima Report No.2 Flags

  • Find the first Kimijima Report and make contact with Airi at least once.
  • Press the green button under the radar dome near the folk museum. After pressing it the first time, wait one hour and press it again.
  • Get under the 30 second mark on the Uchugaoka go-kart time trial and record your time on your IRUO geotag.
  • Earn a triple S-rank on the arcade mode of "Golden Wolf Fighter IV" fighting game app and upload your record to the online leaderboard.


  • Japanese Name: "Tennōji Nae desu. Yoroshiku!" (天王寺綯です。よろしく!)
  • Opening Theme: "Junjō Spectra" by Zwei
  • Closing Theme: "Umikaze no Brave" by Fumika

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