I'm Here to Keep My Promise!

I'm Here to Keep My Promise! is an anime episode of High School DxD that was released on 03/23/2012
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Issei wakes up to find that the battle is over, and he has lost. Rias and the others are at a party in honor of her engagement to Riser, but with some help from Grayfia and Asia, Issei decides to crash it, rescue Rias, and bring her home with him!
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Plot Summary

I'm Here to Keep My Promise!
RomajiYakusoku, Mamori ni Kimashita!
Theme Music
OpeningTrip -innocent of D-
EndingStudy x Study
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Issei awakens two days after being knocked unconscious in the rating game between Rias and Raizer. He is approached by Grayfia, the mysterious maid, and is offered a chance to save Rias from the engagement party is currently attending. Sparked by his love of Buchou (president), Issei asks Asia for some help in defeating Raizer for good.

At the engagement party, the rest of the members of the Occult Research Club are attending the party to celebrate the engagement between the Gremory's and the Phoenix's. Issei crashes the party and fights his way through the guards to get to Raizer. Unexpectedly, it was Rias' older brother Sirzechs Lucifer (one of the four most powerful Maou) that sent Grayfia to fetch Issei. Sirzechs proposes a game between Issei and Raizer and asks Issei what he wants as a prize if he wins. Without hesitation, he asks for Buchou back and then the game begins. Although he is facing a top-class devil, Issei has a few tricks up his sleeve.

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Tomohiro Koyama Key Animator Animation Director


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