I'm Gonna Be an Angel

I'm Gonna Be an Angel is an anime series
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As is the way with so many anime children, Yusuke's father goes away on business and leaves him at home alone (there is no sign of his mother). En route to school, he lands on top of a naked girl with a halo. The "accidental kiss" she receives makes him her husband in her eyes-for similar inadvertent betrothals see Urusei Yatsura and Photon. Yusuke runs a mile but is shocked to discover that his new "wife" Noelle is a new transfer student at his school. Unable to shake her off, he gains a new extended family of supernatural creatures, including a father modeled on Frankenstein, vampiric elder brother Gabriel, dark-elf sister Ruka, and invisible older sister Sara. The grandmother matriarch, even more opposed to the marriage than Yusuke himself, tries to oppose his presence, though since they have moved into and converted his own house into a supernatural dwelling, this is not so easy. Meanwhile, Noelle is at the center of another anime love polygon with Despair, who wants her for himself, Yusuke, still lusting after girl-next-door Natsume, and the enigmatic Michael, whose book of dreams writes the closure of each episode. A hyper-cute, hyper-silly TV series that crashes together innumerable clich├ęs of unwelcome-guest and magical-girlfriend shows, along with the traditions of school dramas and a brighter, breezier rip-off of the Addams Family.

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General Information Edit
Name I'm Gonna Be an Angel
Romaji: Tenshi ni Naru Mon
Publisher ?
Start Year 1999
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Aliases Let Me Be an Angel Make Me an Angel
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