I'm Definitely a Star! ~The Extremely Big Man, Revealed Here?~

I'm Definitely a Star! ~The Extremely Big Man, Revealed Here?~ is an anime episode of Soul Eater that was released on 04/14/2008

Plot Summary

This episode serves as an introduction to Black Star, an assassin with a problem: he simply refuses to hide his "big" presence. He and his partner Tsubaki decide to take on the villain Al Capone, they first meet at Death's place, and we see Tsubaki walk up, after getting a snapshot of Black Star's hand, with his index finger pointing up. Tsubaki begins to clap her hands several times, and then Black star lowers his hand, and gives a "thumbs up" signal.

Black Star And Tsubaki
Black Star And Tsubaki

The next scene we get we see Black Star alone in a unknown vent system, with Tsubaki in one of her weapon forms. We see them looking at Don Al Copone and the rest of his followers, eating various souls of humans. Tsubaki then tells Black Star the first rule to assassination, and Black Star continues with the rest of the three rules. Then, he launches himself right on the table where they were dining, and continues to brag about how he is superior to the rest of the world. Giving away the element of surprise, his bodyguards begin to shoot at him, Tsubaki then changes into a smoke ball and Black Star throws her at the ground, and by then Tsubaki has changed back due to the failed attempt at killing Al Capone. They then begin running around as the bullets whirl around them, though never really hit them. Then Tsubaki is told by Black Star to change into a smoke ball, and when Black Star throws it at the ground, they escape in a large gush of smoke.

They then return back to Death's Palace, and begin reviewing various missions, Tsubaki especially looking for easier ones, that even with Black Star's flaws, they may be able to accomplish. While browsing, Soul and Maka walk up, and Soul and Black Star exchange a glorious high five, but when the two teams begin sharing both their recent bad luck, Tsubaki and Black Star are called to Death's Office. When Tsubaki begins to apologize for their recent failures, Black Star continues to be cocky and presenting Death with a piece of paper signed by himself, stating Death would never need a scythe again. Death beginning to get angry and impatient, gives Black Star a strong slap that nearly knocks him out. Death then begins to tell both young fighters they have plenty of potential, they just need to be serious. He then tells them more updates of Al Capone, saying that he is now after a local Witch named Angela. Black Star rushes out of the room, anxious to find Angela when Lord Death tells him that the Witch is being guarded by a person who has a strong soul, which means his soul is much more powerful than any other regular human. This means that the guard, who is Mifune, has a soul that is strong enough to equal 99 regular human souls, and with the extra Witch he is guarding, that would automatically give Tsubaki a position as one of Death's weapons, fulfilling Black Star's mission, or at least a part of it.

Arguing With Tsubaki
Arguing With Tsubaki

The scene changes, and we see a large castle like structure, and Al Copone and his fiends are right in front of it. The shot focuses, and we notice a large white male, with silver hair and a traditional Japanese sword. He says he is the protector of the Witch known as Angela, and that they best leave if they want to save their lives. Al Copone doesn't care and continues to pursuit in his attack. We then see Tsubaki and Black Star traveling through the forest, and quickly reaching the same spot we first saw Al Copone and his army. But all that is left is many Kinshin souls, all red and easy for the taking. Mifune appears next and asks if they are their to attack the Witch named Angela. Black Star simply states that he will transcend God, and he wants Mifune to fight him. Mifune explains he doesn't want any killing that doesn't need to be done, but Black Star is sure, enough to have Tsubaki change into his main weapon, then Mifune uses his Infinite Sword Attack, making Black Star and Tsubaki cornered with yellow tape lines reading; "KEEP OUT". Black Star starts by hurling Tsubaki at Mifune, and wrapping her around his sword. After talking words, and loosing his focus, he continues to yank on the sword, but he finds that it is only it's cover. Mifune attacks with a strong slice, Mifune surprised that the chain didn't break, explains to Black Star that his weapon saved him, and that any ordinary chain would have broken under the pressure of his attack. Mifune then pulls out a sword form the ground behind him, and trying to slice his head off, but he flips backward to dodge the thrust. But before he could open his eyes, Mifune throws a sword right at his head, landing just above it through his hair, cutting off a few strands.

Afterword, Mifune tells Black Star this is his final warning, and he should leave the place, stating that it would haunt him if he had to slay a child. This infuriates Black Star, and he commands Tsubaki to change into Dark Arm mode, Ninja Star, causing her to change into a giant Shuriken, taking Black Star's entire hand to hold and throw, which he does at Mifune. Mifune easily avoids the attack by jumping in the air, then thrusting downward with his sword, and stopping it by trapping his sword in the center of the Shuriken. Then, Tsubaki changes into Smoke Bomb Mode, causing Mifune to be confused by the smoke. Black Star comes in with an attack from above, but ruins it by shouting again.

Mifune Guarding Angela
Mifune Guarding Angela

Mifune gets the open shot of slicing Black Star's abdominal area, which he does. Black Star drops to the ground with a hard thud, and Tsubaki changes into her human form, asking him again and again if he is alright. Then, Black Star lets out a quite cough, assuring Tsubaki that he is alive at the moment, and Black Star commenting that Mifune had some nerve. Reason being is that he hit someone as big as Black Star with the back of his sword, playing a trick with Tsubaki, thinking he was dead. Mifune then explains that the only reason Black Star was able to last this long was the competence of his weapon, then finishing off that he thought Black Star was a small fry. Black Star's eyes open wide in response, and Tsubaki defends him in explaining that when Black Star is really trying he does well. Black Star still on the ground asks Mifune what his angle is, and he simply says it is to protect Angela, but Black Star insists it is much more than that. Then he explains he will never let Mifune get away with calling him a small fry, and tells Tsubaki to change into a ninja sword, which she does. Black Star continues to tell Mifune that this is a real fight with no tricks, Mifune simply responds by saying he won't get the back of his sword this time. When they begin, and Black Star begins to review the rules of assassination Mifune keeps thinking it doesn't feel like the same child he was fighting earlier. Then Mifune is startled to find that he feels only a slight presence from Black Star, but it isn't the same one he felt earlier. Then, Black Star begins to fade away, and it is revealed that it was really Tsubaki, in her Ninja Dummy Mode. Black Star comes up from behind with his signature finishing strike, Black Star Big Wave. This knocks Mifune on his feat, and Black Star explains he operated with not tricks, like a true assassin. Then, a little witch comes flying in on her broomstick, yelling for Black Star to stop his assault. She lands on Mifune without little break, and starts crying and begging for him to stop. Black Star decides not to kill them, because it wouldn't be big of him to kill Angela.

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