Illusions of the Saint's Past

Illusions of the Saint's Past is an anime episode of Sorcerous Stabber Orphen: Scion of Sorcery that was released on 03/06/1999

Orphen and company have deciphered the writing from the library and have learned that aside from the sword and bracelet (which they already have), they're missing one piece. Unfortunately they don't know what that piece is. Orphen prepares to leave, but they discover that a thick fog is making sailing out impossible.

At the Tower of Fang, the Elders have learned of the Bloody August's survival, and they aren't pleased. To pacify them, Azalie/Childman recommends that Flameheart handle this attempt in his own way.

On the island, Stephanie & Orphen find a teleport pad. Cleao & Orphen get into an argument, and Cleao runs onto the teleport pad with Orphen in pursuit. After the two are teleported, the pad explodes. Cleao and Orphen find themselves still on the island, but in the past. There they encounter earlier versions of Rox Roe and Childman, and learn the third piece they need is a crystal. An earthquake caused by the temporal paradox threatens to destroy the ruins, so Orphen and Cleao race to the teleport pad and return to their own time. Before they leave, Rox warns Orphen that using the complete sword could kill him.

In the present, Childman/Bloody August has made short work of Flameheart's troops. Meanwhile, Lai informs Azalie/Childman that he cannot sense Azalie in Bloody August. Azalie/Childman asks if anyone else knows, and Lai replies "no". "Childman" then traps Lai in an ice spell. However, one of the elders eavesdrops on the conversation from behind a pillar...

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Steven Foster ADR Director (English) ADR Director for all of Dirty Pair, along with Pani Poni Dash
Masahiro Aizawa Character Artist/Designer
Hiroyuki Ishido Associate Director
Mayori Sekijima Writer
Masashi Kubota Writer
Kenichi Araki Writer
Shichiro Kobayashi Art Director
Kenji Kato Art Director Art Director on numerous anime series, including Utena, Orphen, and Shuffle!
Katsushi Sakurabi Storyboard
Takashi Wada Animation Director
Tetsuo Gensho Producer Producer of numerous anime series, including You're Under Arrest, Ping Pong Club, and Orphen
Yuji Matsukura Producer
Hiroshi Watanabe Executive Director


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