I'll show you!!!

I'll show you!!! is an anime episode of Kenko Zenrakei Suieibu Umisho that was released on 07/18/2007

Plot Summary

I'll Show You!
TV Air Date
July 18, 2007
MangaCh. 7-9 (Vol.1)
Theme Music
Opening"DOLPHIN☆JET (Dolphin Jet)" by Ayane, lyrics and composition by Chiyomaru Shikura, arrangement by Kōji Ueno
Ending"Splash BLUE~太陽とレモネード~ (Splash Blue: Taiyou to Lemonade)" by Ayumi Murata, lyrics and composition by Urara Takai, arrangement by Kōji Ueno
Insert"DOLPHIN☆JET (Dolphin Jet)" by Ayane, lyrics and composition by Chiyomaru Shikura, arrangement by Kōji Ueno

The Umineko High School swimming club participates in the three-way high school competition at Takura High School. Arriving there, Amuro observes the pool is much cleaner then their own, to which Momoko comments that Takura High put a lot more emphasis on their swimming club than Umineko High does. Makio thinks they will perform well with Amuro’s addition to the team, but Momoko warns that competitions are not solely about technique; Amuro still has to prove she can handle the pressure of a real race. As Momoko greets the advisor of Takura High’s swimming team, the perverted Manabu Domon, he comments on her achievements the previous season and invites her to train at Takura High, which she declines, violently. Umishou’s team changes to their swimsuits, while being admired by the male members of other teams. Many, including Manabu, admire the appearance of Amuro, who, after greeting some of them, jumps into the pool, angering Momoko. Kaname notes she does not show any pressure. The competitions begin and the team watches Momoko win the 200 m freestyle race. Next up is the men’s 100 m butterfly, Ikamasa’s event. He arrives just in time, arriving late because he could not find the Speedos he wanted to wear, claiming winning is not enough for him; he has to show off as well. He finishes last. Makio, who got special permission to use her kickboard, is next and while they watch her struggle, Kaname comments she is no good either. Before her race, Kaname takes Amuro to a dressing room to rehearse the starting procedure. Amuro tells him he teaches well and that he should learn to swim as well. In the mean time, during her race, Mirei is getting cheered on by almost everyone, including Manabu, who is filming her as well. As the tournament progresses, Umishou is dead last; only three members got top spots and all four of the boys were last in their races. As Amuro’s race is announced, Momoko asks Kaname if he taught her how to start properly, which he confirms. Amuro follows his instructions to the letter and, as the race progresses, she proves to be much faster than the others. Momoko observes Amuro has not been officially timed yet and she and Kaname wonder if Amuro will set a new record. Manabu shatters their hopes by disqualifying her, though, because she did not surface within the first 15 meters. After the meet Momoko violently punishes Kaname for not telling Amuro all the rules and Amuro tells everyone she had fun.

After the tournament the club members have a break. Since it is a hot day, Kaname decides to stay at home playing computer games and being lazy. Amuro, however, wants to go out and takes him to a local beach. There she shows off her new bikini to him, asking if he likes it. As Amuro goes for a swim, Kaname wonders if this could be called a date. Amuro wants him to join her in the ocean (and he kind of wishes being able to) and calls for him, when suddenly other people spot a shark approaching the beach. Seeing the shark move towards Amuro, Kaname tries to warn her, but when that fails, he gets a dinghy and paddles towards her to rescue her. When she gets pulled under he at first thinks it might be Ono-chan again, until he spots the seal sleeping on a rock. The shark turns out to be Ikamasa in a shark suit, having fun scaring the beach goers. Seeing them together, he asks them if they are on a date. Kaname denies, though Amuro thinks two people going to the beach is a date. After Ikamasa left (as sudden as he appeared), Amuro thanks Kaname for worrying so much about her. When she tries to get into the dinghy, Kaname panics, fearing it will turn over, and accidentally grabs her breast. This and Amuro telling him he touched her causes him to panic even more and he falls overboard. Amuro gets back into the water and pulls him to his feet, since the water turns out to be not even waist deep. Full of joy she tells him he got in further than his knees and Kaname realises that the mermaid’s image, which appeared as soon as he hit the water, disappeared as soon as Amuro grabbed his hand. Just when he starts to realise Amuro might have taken him to the beach to get him into the water, Ikamasa reappears. Thinking Kaname got over his problem, he pulls him in even further and as Amuro watches Kaname getting dragged away by Ikamasa she thinks it would be great if one day he can swim with her.

One day during training an annoyed Momoko, after telling Amuro to start training seriously, complains Amuro and Ikamasa are so easygoing. Ikamasa, though, is sitting against the fence, sulking. His family’s restaurant is having financial problems. When he starts clinging to Momoko, begging her for help and ideas, Amuro wonders if they are dating. Amuro suggests making the meals free and Makio suggests putting things like bugs on the menu. Mirei says she has an idea as well. That evening Momoko, Amuro, Makio and Mirei help as waitresses… dressed in their swimsuits. Ikamasa is surprised Mirei suggested this, but Kaname, who is helping behind the bar, is not. It turns out to be a success, but walking home later that evening Kaname hopes the Ikariyas will not let the success go to their heads. The next day before training Ikamasa arrives at the pool wearing lots of jewellery and other expensive goods, claiming he can easily pay for them since business is good. That evening at the restaurant Ikamasa’s dad is drunk and Ikamasa himself is busy polishing his jewellery, annoying Momoko. Ikamasa tells Kaname to work the cash register and that he should give an envelope to each customer. Inside is a leaflet advertising for photos of the girls, which enrages Momoko when she sees it, ending their cooperation.

Points of Interest

  • Again, several members of the swimming club are shown, but remain unnamed.
  • The eyecatch image is the similar to the first frame of chapter 8.
  • The third part is placed after the ending.
  • At the beginning of the third part Amuro hums the opening song.

Manga & Anime Differences

  • In the manga, after jumping into the pool before the start of the tournament, Amuro hits her head again, the same way as in chapter 2/ episode 1. This is omitted from the anime.
  • The scene of Kaname instructing Amuro in the dressing room is anime only.
  • The tournament part is extended in the anime, also showing some of the other girls swimming.
  • The part commenting about Umishou being last is extended in the anime; the manga does not mention the boys being last in their races.
  • Manabu Domon’s first name is never mentioned in the anime.
  • Sanae’s parts are anime only, since she has not appeared in the manga yet.
  • At the end of the manga chapter (ch. 7) Manabu is admiring a still from the video he shot, this is absent from the anime.
  • The events from chapters 8 and 9 switched around in the anime.
  • In the manga, the ‘shark’ does not appear until Kaname is in the water with Amuro.
  • Instead of Kaname going out on a dinghy to rescue Amuro and falling into the water, in the manga Amuro returns to the beach and drags Kaname into the water, where he gets in deeper than his knees without realising it.
  • In the manga, Ikamasa does not ask Kaname if he is on a date with Amuro.
  • In the anime, while helping in the Ikariya restaurant, Mirei is conscious of the customers staring at her. In the manga she also thinks about being able to see them being aroused by her looks and that being the reason she suggested it.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Mitsuru Hattori Original Concept Mitsuru Hattori is the artist and writer of the Kenko Zenrakei Suieibu Umisho manga series.


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