I'll Show You a Dream

I'll Show You a Dream is an anime episode of Robotics;Notes that was released on 02/01/2013

Airi finds her existence threatened when major maintenance is scheduled for the IRUO server. While Airi clings to the hope of a snowy miracle, Kaito learns more about her past.


Plot Summary

A solar storm confuses Airi
A solar storm confuses Airi

As Airi narrates, she wonders if it snows on December 24. At school, Akiho and the guys talk about the solar storm and how it's crashing the IRUO systems. Kaito spots the students freaking about Airi on their phonedroids. By the beach, Kaito attempts to surf, and Mizuka comments that he is not watching the waves carefully. Then, Airi pops by, and Kaito states that he has to clear this flag. Airi starts to glitch up on his phonedroid. Meanwhile, Mizuka recalls the Sea Anemone event. Over at Mizuka's convenience store, Mitsuhiko invites Mizuka to a Christmas party. When he remarks that she has never visit the ocean for a long time, he looks at Mizuka's right leg. Meanwhile, Frau informs Kaito that IRUO will do some maintenance on December 24 which can potentially wipe all data including Airi. By the airplane hangar, Frau urges Kaito to clear the flags before the date. Airi tells both Kaito and Frau that she desires to see a white Christmas. Back at the beach, Kaito clears the flag and tries to activate Geiji mode, but he cannot. Airi informs him that the AR annotation has appeared, and she glitches up. The AR annotation is at Otatsu - Metatsu Rocks. Kaito finds the last report and asks Airi if there's a 7th report. Airi replies that there is none. She wishes to go back home because Christmas Eve is her birthday which is Kou Kimijima's home.

Airi "dies"
Airi "dies"

Near Seikyo Dam, Kaito arrives to Kimijima's home, and Airi reveals on the phonedroid that it looks all nice and tidy. When Kaito hears a bang, he finds a basement where it leads to a door. He enters the password, Hidden Hand, where he finds a machine. It opens up and reveals Airi's body. Airi explains this person is the original Airi, Airi Yukifune. She states her sickness is untreatable and left her suffering all her life. She would look forward to the weather reports and hopes it snow on December 24. She meets Kou Kimijima who gave her the alpha version of IRUO. When Kimijima learns about Airi's conditions, he has her sleep until she reaches an era that has a cure for her. Kimijima reveals that he can make her dream come true using Airi. After discovering the whole truth, Kaito report this to the police. A mysterious figure lurks by the woods. Later, Airi asks Kaito to kiss her when it finally snows even there is no chance of it snowing on Christmas Eve. When Airi talks about final farewells, Frau e-mails Kaito that allows it snow in Airi's world. Airi asks Kaito to kiss her forehead. As a result, Airi starts shedding tears.

Next day, Akiho and the others prepare the monopole. Frau asks Kaito to call Airi, and Geiji appears. Geiji explains that Airi is gone and that Kaito does not need to tap or kiss her forehead. Kaito tells Geiji and Airi, Merry Christmas.

Points of Interest

  • This episodes shows how much Frau loves Airi because how loli she is.
  • Airi hopes for a white Christmas.
  • Airi's birthday is Christmas Eve.

Kimijima Report #6

  • Last flag is surf the wave for 3 seconds or more.
  • The report is about augmenting fantasy into reality for propaganda issues.


  • Japanese Name: "Kimi ni Yume o Misete Ageyō" (君に夢を見せてあげよう)
  • Opening Theme: "Houkyou no Messiah" by HARUKI
  • Closing Theme: "Topology" by Kanako Itou

Characters & Voice Actors

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Kazuya Nomura Director Kazuya Nomura is the director of the Robotic;Notes anime series.
5pb (creator) Original Concept 5pb is a company that published and created Robotic;Notes visual novel game that spawn an anime and manga adaptation.
Kanako Itou ED Theme Song: "Topology"
Haruki OP Theme Song: "Houkyou no Messiah"


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