I'll Punish You! The Fortune House is a Youma's Mansion

I'll Punish You! The Fortune House is a Youma's Mansion is an anime episode of Sailor Moon that was released on 03/14/1992

Jadeite sends out yet another monster to collect energy, this time with a popular new fortune-telling business in the Juuban district. This is one of the episodes that was not originally aired on American television.

Viewers of the series will quickly realize that anytime a trendy new business opens in an episode of Sailor Moon, it spells trouble.

The episode begins with a review of the events from the first episode, for those who missed it. At the beginning of this episode, people are lining up at a new fortune telling business called the House of Fortune in the Juuban district. A "mysterious" man with a glinting earring creepily stands at the back of the line watching girls line up to get their fortunes told. Some girls comment that this place has been seen on TV and that it is "really good."

Next, we see Queen Beryl sitting on her throne, waving her hands around a crystal ball. The Sailor Moon series is notorious for reusing footage, and this is one scene that will be seen often. Queen Beryl commands her minions to collect energy. She tells her foremost minion, Jadeite, that since they do not have the Legendary Silver Crystal yet she wants human energy instead. He assures her that it is already taken care of.

Meanwhile, Usagi wakes up to her alarm and Luna, realizing that she is late for school again. She attempts to sneak into the classroom unnoticed during roll call, but Ms. Haruna catches her. When she is sent into the hallway as punishment, her friend and avid admirer Umino stands with her. He tells their friend Naru that he wants to go on a date with Usagi, so Naru suggests that he should try the new fortune telling place to help him out.

After school, Usagi stops by the old fortune telling stand across the street from the House of Fortune. She has her fortune told after the man tells her that the new place is taking away his business. He reads her palm and says that there is a man who likes her right now. Later on, Usagi runs into Motoki, an older guy she has a crush on. He works at the arcade and invites her to play the new Sailor V game with him. Of course, it is obvious that the guy who likes her is actually Umino, not Motoki. When Luna interrupts their game time at the arcade, Usagi decides to go have her fortune told again. Unfortunately, it is now evening and the old man has already packed up his stand. Usagi decides to kick her shoe up in the air to decide whether she will wait and see the old man tomorrow, or try the House of Fortune now. Her shoe accidentally lands on Mamoru's head as he is walking by. They exchange words and she decides that he ruined her good mood, so she goes home.

Umino gets his fortune told at the House of Fortune, and the woman there appears to be hypnotizing him. She tells him he can do whatever he wants. Against his shy nature, Umino shows up to school the next day in a suit (against the uniform policy) and boldly asks Usagi out on a date. When Ms. Haruna confronts him, he pulls out a snack from his bag and pops it in his mouth as he ignores her. He then flips up her skirt in front of Usagi and Naru as he walks away. In class, he loudly laughs as he reads a comic book. Other boys in the class also start acting out, and a glowing tarot card appears over their chests, signifying that they have been possessed. Umino even tries to kiss Usagi against her will, but her loud crying drives him away.

Luna and Usagi realize that all of the boys acting strangely have been to the House of Fortune recently. Usagi reluctantly goes to the House of Fortune to investigate, and Luna tells her to transform. She forgets what she is supposed to say to transform, so Luna reminds her. She transforms into Sailor Moon and heads into the House of Fortune. She sees a beautiful woman controlling the people in the shop and promptly gives one of her signature speeches. The woman transforms into a monster named Bam and attacks her with tarot cards. The possessed boys also come after Sailor Moon and it is clear she is losing the fight. Tuxedo Mask saves the day and tells her not to give up. With the enemies distracted, Sailor Moon uses her Moon Tiara Action attack and disintegrates the monster. The possessed boys go back to normal.

Jadeite is looking in on the scene and tells himself that Bam failed. He is obviously disturbed by this fact, probably due to his fear of Queen Beryl.

Naru tells Umino all the bad things he did while he was being controlled, which he apparently doesn't remember. The kindhearted Umino is mortified and afraid to go back to school until Usagi tells him it will be ok. The episode ends with the clumsy Usagi falling on her face on the way to school.

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Kotono Mitsuishi ( x ) ( x ) ( x ) (Japanese)
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Keiko Han ( x ) ( x ) ( x ) (Japanese)
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Mukuo Takamura Concept Artist
Takao Yoshizawa Episode Director
Junichi Sato Director
Naoko Takeuchi Original Concept Naoko Takeuchi is the prolific mangaka behind the international phenomenon, Sailor Moon.
Kazuko Tadano Character Artist/Designer
Shigeru Yanagawa Writer
Daisuke Ikeda Music
Kazuo Sato Music
Takanori Arisawa Music Renown Anime Composer
Katsuji Matsumoto Animation Director Matsumoto was a famous manga artist and Japanese illustrator.


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