I'll be back soon. We'll see each other soon.

I'll be back soon. We'll see each other soon. is an anime episode of Maoyu that was released on 02/16/2013

The battle to take Bright Light Island looks dismal until the Crimson Scholar appears with a new plan of action while the Black Knight fights using untraditional warfare.
— Crunchyroll

Plot Summary

While Maid Ane is writing in her journal about the current situation after the war, then she notices someone. Outside, Female Knight spars with Hero, and Hero uses his magic to evade her. She grabs Hero and wins the match. Later, Hero helps pour water on Female Knight's body. When Hero asks for his turn, he turns to see Female Knight without her shirt. She washes Hero's back. After the bath, Hero shares how war does not guarantee peace for the losers. In the manor, Hero drinks Maid Imouto's carbonated drink. While Demon Queen talks to Hero about the meeting with Archduke Fire Dragon. Elsewhere, a group of men punish one man for losing Gateway City.

In Gateway City, Hero eats with the Eastern Fortress General until the Fire Dragon Princess arrives to remind Hero that she is his wife. In Winter Pass Village, an earthquake occurs, and Demon Queen orders her maid to send her bed to the Underworld Palace. Arriving to Iron Country, Hero, Maid Ane, and Demon Queen are here to see an invention, a printing press. Demon Queen calls it her new weapon. Later that night, Female Knight finds Demon Queen going to Hero's bedroom holding a pillow. Female Knight reveals a message from Flame Dragon Princess that Hero threw away. When Head Maid tries to step in, she pushes the two girls into Hero's bedroom. The two girls share Hero's bed, and Demon Queen informs Female Knight that she has to renew her Demon King license. She tells her to take care of Hero.

That morning, Demon Queen gives Maid Ane a ring that allows her to disguise herself as Demon Queen. She tells Hero that White Night Country is destabilizing and that he has to be there to help them. Later, the same man who was in prison thanks the noble. He vows to make the Winter King, Eastern Fortress General, and the demons pay. The two men laugh maniacally.


  • Japanese Episode Name: "Sugu ni Modoreru. Sugu ni Mata Aeru sa" (「すぐに戻れる、すぐにまた会えるさ」)
  • Opening Theme: "Mukaikaze (向かい風; Headwind)" by YOHKO
  • Closing Theme: "Unknown Vision" by Akino Arai

Characters & Voice Actors

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