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Suppose this might be the first magical girl in the post MADOKA MAGICA landscape, huh?

The show carries on enough of that show’s cutesy/morbid dichotomy, while still insisting on a brisker pace out of the gate, that I really can’t help but see it as some producer or studio’s ‘answer.’ Surely, that’ll stick into plenty of viewers craw, but I happen to be totally into it. There’s something fun about various shows weaving together a collective narrative of challenges and responses for an entire genre. In simpler terms, it holds the same appeal as hip hop MC’s battling over various songs.

I don’t know if I’ll be able to maintain the same… comfortable academic distance with the MOE elements of this show as I was able to with MADOKA, but this pilot is definitely one of the best I’ve seen so far this season, and it’s the one I’m most eager to follow-up on. Funny thing is, this episode veers very dangerously close to overstuffed frontloading, and I honestly wasn’t able to follow everything the happened as clearly as I probably should’ve, but I got enough of the general gist to be invested in seeing what happens next.

Maybe it’s just a matter of that aforementioned academic distance then? Maybe I just want to see how this show fits together with MADOKA in the greater magical girl cannon...?

Or maybe it’s because I’ve been fascinated by the symbolist power of the Tarot ever since ESCAFLOWNE, and it’s just an interest-piquer for me. What do you lunatics think, though? Am I being far too generous? Is this just a shameless MADOKA rip-off, or is it perhaps the reconstructionist effort to counter all the deconstructionism that show performed?

Watch this episode, "Dark Spot of the Sun” here and decide for yourself.

Now, read my write-ups on other pilots from this season below…

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It obviously not going to be as good as Madoka and may not be a super smash hit but it is taking some notes and doing it best to set up their own message. So far it is doing a good job.

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Yeah, this is no Madoka. What interested me most about this show was that because of all this bad magic going around, people could be erased from existence. That's the baddest of bad news! Other than that, I don't know if I want to watch this show. I would like to see if erased people come back, or if it's just an irreversible tragedy.

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Gonna stick around first to see how good the story goes in the future.

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Il sole penetra le illusioni ~ Day Break Illusion is no MADOKA MAGICA.

MADOKA MAGICA drew you in for the sucker punch.. the dark twists etc. Il sole penetra le illusioni ~ Day Break Illusion starts right off with the dark an twisty as much as the cute. I dont know if it will be a sliver of good that was MADOKAMAGICA but i do know its not the 1st "magical girl anime " since MADOKAMAGICA.

Date A Live should count as magic girl anime most of the main characters are that. Vividred Operation should count to.Sure their are others .Not my realm of knowledge nore something i look for. Il sole penetra le illusioni ~ Day Break Illusion seems to have some real dark twists to it that the animation style doesnt fit with.

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Not a fan of the art style and the voices. I'll get used to it. I'm interested in this dark magical girl with Tarot cards.

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Hmm I don't think this has the spiral energy to compete with the deconstructionist energy of Madoka, so we will have to wait for another reconstruction of the magical girl genre but I agree seeing the shows write answers to each other is great. Often I end up likeing both. I really didn't think I was going to like the reconstrucitonist answer to eva but really how can you hate a show where the mechs basicly end up flinging galaxies at each other?

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The art style looks kinda cool to me. If the animation lives up to it it seems like it could be fun. Sakuga vids usually have some magical girl stuff in them and I'm always surprised at how good looking these shows can get at times. I might check this out, especially if the story is dark. I'm not well versed in magical girl shows (I've only seen Madoka and Mai-Hime, which people tell me isn't really a magical girl show) and have been interested in checking it out but Precure nevr streams anywhere legally so I can't.

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I wonder if Laplace and Schrödinger have the same (or similar) intentions as Kyubey ...

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I agree with some of the others that it isn't a Madoka Magica clone at all, despite only two similarities (how dark things got and how less of a fuck Laplace give about the arcana gals' lives and feelings). However, just like MM, DBI is fun so far. Damn good fun. I finished Episode 4 a day ago and it was intense overall, especially the Daemonia for that episode.

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