Il Re

Il Re is an anime episode of Togainu no Chi that was released on 12/09/2010

Rin enters The Coliseum in order to fight Il Re. The doors open, and Shiki, aka Il Re, enters to fight Rin. Akira approaches the front gate of Arbitro’s castle, but is denied entrance. So, indignantly, he climbs over the fence and enters the castle. Akira fights the guards in order to make his way over to The Coliseum.


 The one-sided fight between Rin and Shiki
 The one-sided fight between Rin and Shiki

Rin and Shiki begin their fight, and Rin’s attacks are easily deflected. Shiki disarms Rin, and holds his sword against Rin’s neck, prepared to kill him. But suddenly, Akira enters The Coliseum and challenges Shiki to a fight. The room begins to shake as bombs are dropped on Toshima and Arbitro’s castle buy the CFC. Rin and Akira escape from the collapsing building, a nd Arbitro sends Gunji and Kiriwar after Akira.


Shiki helps Arbitro escape the burning building, but realizes that there is some ulterior reason to Arbitro wanting Akira so badly. Shiki threatens Arbitro, and Arbitro reveals that Akira was a subject of Project Nicole.


Akira and Rin find refuge, but Rin suddenly questions Akira for saving him. Akira tells Rin that the reason Rin

 Gunji, Kiriwar and Kau find Akira and Rin
 Gunji, Kiriwar and Kau find Akira and Rin

was denying their friendship was because he was afraid. Rin denies their friendship, saying that Akira will only betray him in the end. Akira tells Rin that there’s nothing to worry about, and that he will never betray Rin. Akira and Rin go to leave and find Motomi, when suddenly Gunji, Kiriwar, and Kau appear at the door, and attack the two of them.


Akira and Rin jump through the window in order to separate Gunji and Kiriwar. Gunji chases after Akira, and Kiriwar goes after Rin.


Meanwhile, Keisuke makes his way towards the meeting spot, but collapses on the ground. A strange man approaches him, at first Keisuke thinks that it is Akira, but in fact it is the mysterious man, Nano.


 Gunji pins Akira down
 Gunji pins Akira down

Akira is hiding from Gunji, when suddenly Kau finds him, and soon Gunji is able to attack him. Gunji manages to disarm Akira, and pin him to the ground. Suddenly Nano approaches Gunji and Akira from behind, and knocks Gunji off the building. Akira passes out from being beat up by Gunji, and Nano picks up Akira, and caries him away.


Akira remembers when he was young, that he once had met Nano, and that Nano was the man who gave Akira

 Akira's flashback
 Akira's flashback

his knife. Akira wakes up, and finds Keisuke resting on a bench. Suddenly he sees Nano, but Nano takes him outside, where they find Emma and Gwen. Emma explains that she is after Nano, and that she was the one who framed Akira for murder in order to draw out Nano.


 Emma is killed
 Emma is killed

Emma aims her gun at Nano, in order to kill him, but Gwen tells Emma that it was their goal to bring Nano back alive. Emma shoots Gwen, claiming that he’s in the way. Emma moves to shoot Nano, but in the blink of an eye, Nano sticks his hand straight through Emma, killing her instantly. Shiki approaches Nano, and Akira is told to pick up Keisuke and take him with them.

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