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After the Ashikaga shogun unifies Japan, the emperor's son Sengikumaru is sent to the Yasukuni Shrine by family politics-his maternal grandfather opposed the Ashikaga in the conflict. Shaving his head and changing his name to Ikkyu, he tries to live as a good monk, though taking any opportunity he can to outwit the greedy merchant Kikyoya, his daughter Yayoi, and even Yoshimitsu Ashikaga himself.

The series received a very limited partial broadcast, as Ikkyu the Little Monk, on U.S. local TV for the Japanese community, with English subtitles. The character had two short theatrical outings: Ikkyu and Princess Yancha (1978), in which Ikkyu must talk a tomboy into behaving in a more ladylike manner before her habit of calling herself by the boy's name Tsuyumaru and attacking shogun Yoshimitsu Ashikaga with a wooden sword gets her into trouble. This was followed by Ikkyu: It's Spring! (1981), in which further feudal fun ensued.

An unrelated 26-episode series, Ikkyu-san (1978), was a baseball drama on the rival Fuji TV directed by Toshifumi Takizawa, based on a Star of the Giants-influenced manga by Shinji Mizushima.

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Name Ikkyu
Romaji: Ikkyu-san
Publisher ?
Start Year 1975
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