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He is a member of the Satano Blackies. He plays occasionally as one of their left fielders but is really known as a hitter.


The female member of the Blue Planets. She was a professional tennis player prior to joining the team.


He is the hulking catcher of the Satano Blackies. He seems to be the acknowledged leader of the team towards the end of the series.

Grandson Sky

Grandson Sky is the shortest member of the Blue Planets team. He is also their kung-fu expert. He plays as their third base man.


The protagonist of the series and the emerging star of the Blue Planets. It was eventually determined that he is half alien hence his super-human strength, endurance and agility.


He is a member of the Satano Blackies. He is a right fielder.


Ramboman was a late addition to the Blue Planets and was one of its strongest players together with Larson. He was based on the Sylvester Stallone character.


Resolia is the lone female member of the Satano Blackies. Larson, the main protagonist was initially attracted to her until he realized she should be treated the same as her sadistic male teammates.


Samson is Larson's brother and was the strongest member of the Satano Blackies. He would later on turn against them and play for the Blue Planets in the series against the Devils team.


Also known as Long Legs in the Japanese/ English dub. He is the first baseman of the Blue Planets team but also played catcher when necessary. His original sport was basketball. He is one of the two black members of the team.

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