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A bizarre combination of sports anime and martial arts, as Ikki leaves behind the woman who broke his heart in Hokkaido, and comes to 21st-century Tokyo to seek his fortune at the violent baseball-fighting game Battle Ball. Gate-crashing a game between the Terran team, Blue Planets, and the off-world team, Satano Blackies, he steps up to bat and is soon the star player. Based on a manga by Yasuo Tanami and Kazuo Takahashi, serialized in Shonen Magazine, among others. The series had to be removed from the first studio that aired it due to the presence of blood and extreme violence in its first episode.Go-Q-Choji Ikkiman is centered around the story of young man named Larson, who has unique strength which he cannot handle properly that caused many problem on his community. He decided to leave his home in the province when his girlfriend, Melody Seiko, left him for a talent manager/ agent who promised to make her a famous singer. Before he left their village, Larson was informed by the elderly couple who adopted him that they found him in a pod that looked like it came from outer space when he was still an infant. While in the city, Larson happened to pass by a huge sports venue. Curious, Larson went in and witnessed the first game of a best of seven Battleball series between Earth's Blue Planets team against the alien Satano Blackies to decide who should rule the Earth. Larson was shocked at how the game was played. The primary mechanics of the game is patterned after baseball only with a twice bigger and way heavier ball and fighting or using violence against an opponent is allowed. The Blue Planets players are composed of athletes in different sports like basketball, hockey, tennis, etc. The Satano Blackies' players look almost completely the same as Earth's inhabitants, only that their skin is usually of a pale bluish or pale purpleish complexion and some of them like Resolia and the Satano Emperor's right hand man, the Count, show fangs similar to vampires when they're in a rage. The Blackies are also sport more technologically advanced gear and look more physically imposing than their Blue Planets counterparts. Larson was eventually able to convince the Blue Planets general manager to let him join the team when he exhibited extraordinary strength and baseball skills. The series between the two teams went back and forth and midway in the series, the Blackies recruited a reinforcement, Samson, who despite being the best player in the team also openly opposed his teammates and coaches for the "dirty" tactics they used against the Earthlings. The Blue Planets countered by recruiting Ramboman, a convicted "criminal" who looked like Sylvester Stallone. Samson was later on discovered to be Larson's older brother because of the similar medallion they each had, a medallion that belonged to an influential clan from a distant planet hence the extraordinary strength they each had. The Blue Planets would win the series after forcing wins in games 6 and 7 with their gutsy play. After a period of peace, the planet was threathened anew when another alien battleball team, the Thunder Devils, challenged the Earth's defending champions, the Blue Planets. The Thunder Devils are also composed mostly of players from the same races where the Satano Blackies players also came from. After some deliberations, the Blue Planets squad was reunited to play the Thunder Devils in one game to decide once and for all who is the best battleball team in the galaxy. The Thunder Devils would dominate early on but the Blue Planets would catch up when they joined by Ramboman midway in the match. The Thunder Devils, midway in the game, were approached by some Satano Blackies players offering their aid to seek revenge for the humiliation they received from the Blue Planets. The Devils' manager, also the former manager of the Blackies, agreed. At the final inning and with the Devils ahead by one run, Samson appeared. He was able to escape the trap set up by two of his former Blackies teammates and had come to join the Blue Planets cause. He and Larson would then come up with the last two runs capped off by Larsons homer that would win the game for the Blue Planets. After the match, a huge intergalactic ship appeared and released a large encompassing red light that absorbed all the Satano Blackies and Thunder Devils into it after reprimanding them of the discraceful actions and atrocities they performed towards the Blue Planets. Samson stated at the end that the ship belongs to the intergalactic battleball federation that monitors all battleball matches over different galaxies.

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General Information Edit
Name Ikkiman
Name: 剛Q超児イッキマン
Romaji: Hagane Q Choji Ikkiman
Publisher Toei Animation
Start Year 1986
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Aliases Steel Q Armored Child Ikkiman
Battle Ball
Ricky Star
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