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Ikki Tousen is a franchise comprised of 1 movie, 4 anime series, 1 manga series
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Welcome everyone! It's a bit late. Sorry, I was busy working on the Winter Anime 2013 Trailers Guide. It's the last week of December before the new year. How do we end it? While Aniplex releases Fate Zero, FUNimation and Sentai Filmworks ends 2013 with T & A, Ikki Tousen, So, I Can't Play H!, and Nyan Koi!. Thank you for reading these blogs and supporting the anime industry legally.

Previous Quick Picks

Chrono Crusade - The Complete Series [S.A.V.E.]

  • Distributor: FUNimation Entertainment
  • Suggested retail price: $29.98

In New York, 1928, the seals between Earth and Hell are breached. Brandishing sacred weaponry, Sister Rosette and her partner Chrono dutifully serve the Magdalene Order, a divine organization that cleans the streets of demonic filth. Their main target: Aion, an indomitable devil reining apocalyptic horrors over America. A doozy of a devil himself, Chrono's true powers can only be released at Rosette's command - draining her own life in exchange. Staring mortality straight in the face, this dynamite pair races against time to destroy Aion and restore the balance between good and evil.

Dragon Ball Z - Season One (Blu-Ray)

  • Distributor: FUNimation Entertainment
  • Suggested retail price: $44.98

The Saiyans are coming! The last survivors of a cruel, warrior race, these ruthless villains have carved a path of destruction across the galaxy, an now they have set their sights on Earth! They will stop at nothing until they have the wish-granting powers of the seven magic Dragon Balls for their very own. With the fate of his family, friends, and the entire human race hanging in the balance, Goku, the Earth's greatest hero, must rise to meet the approaching threat. As he prepares for the fight of his life, Goku embarks on an epic journey that will take him to other worlds, pit him against new and old enemies alike, and force him to confront the dark secrets of his own past. At the end of this path, the most powerful opponent he has ever faced awaits: the evil Saiyan Prince Vegeta! This new Blu-ray edition has gone through a frame-by-frame restoration process to remove any blemishes, tape marks, and foreign bodies from the film. All three audio tracks have been re-mastered in the interest of noise reduction and superior sound quality, and the colors are bolder and more vibrant. Lastly, a precise shot-by-shot reframing of the entire series was done to create a modern HD widescreen presentation!

Fate/Zero - Box Set 2 [Limited Edition] (Blu-Ray)

  • Distributor: Aniplex of America
  • Suggested retail price: $174.98

The story starts from zero, a beginning… The Holy Grail War -in this ultimate battlefield, in order to obtain the power of the "Holy Grail" that makes one's unattainable wish a reality, seven "masters" summon "servants" and fight against each other until only one survives… As the 4th Holy Grail War becomes more furious, one by one the masters and their servants are being eliminated from the war by losing in a battle or falling into an opponents’ plot. What will Saber and Kiritsugu find out at the end of the war? And which team will win the war and the Holy Grail!?

Fate/Zero - Complete 2nd Season (DVD)

  • Distributor: Aniplex of America
  • Suggested retail price: $74.98

Ikki Tousen: Great Guardians (DVD)

  • Distributor: FUNimation Entertainment
  • Suggested retail price: $59.98

The combat continues between teens guided by spirits of ancient warriors in round three of the original martial arts marathon! As the dust settles over the Battle of Red Cliffs, the fighters of Nanyo and Seito Academies form a peaceful alliance. Hakufu's ready to make some dough for tournaments, but her stacked reputation keeps the fearless leader up to her chest in trouble. Just when her joy peaks over meeting a mysterious sister from another mister, a foe Nanyo Academy once creamed returns! As the conflict comes to a climax, the battle vixens bare blood, betrayal, and... This new series in the Ikki Tousen franchise reunites the original dub cast.

Nyan Koi! - Complete Collection (Blu-Ray)

  • Distributor: Sentai Filmworks
  • Suggested retail price: $69.98

Saying that Junpei Kosaka's allergic to cats is something of an understatement, just thinking about cats can make him sneeze. A fact that seems to be lost on his mother and sister, who both ADORE cats. And if that wasn't bad enough, when Junpei inadvertently damages a statue of a cat deity, he becomes cursed with the ability to understand felines. Now Junpei must perform one hundred great favors for cat-kind or face the fate of being turned into a cat himself! Life quickly becomes a purrfect hell as every cat in the neighborhood starts sending Junpei their list of "requests." But it's not just the cats: the local Yakuza's daughter is playing cat and mouse; the monk's daughters are acting catty; Junpei's childhood best friend is ready to use him as a scratching post; and the girl he has a secret crush on is as cat crazy as the rest! Get ready for the ultimate catfight on the road to purrdition in this cataclysmic complete collection of Nyan Koi!

Nyan Koi! - Complete Collection (DVD)

  • Distributor: Sentai Filmworks
  • Suggested retail price: $59.98

So I Can't Play H - Complete Collection (Sub.Blu-Ray)

  • Distributor: Sentai Filmworks
  • Suggested retail price: $59.98

Never make a deal with a wet goddess you've only just met. That's a lesson Ryosuke Kaga learns the hard way when he foolishly agrees to let Lisara Restole use some of his "essence" to stay in this world. Despite her smoking-hot appearance, Lisara's actually a Shinigami, a Goddess of Death. However, she doesn't steal years off his life like any decent Shinigami would do. Oh no, instead she sucks off his lecherous spirit, draining his ability to enjoy... well, the things that teenage boys normally spend most of their time thinking about! Now the poor degenerate's only hope of getting his licentiousness renewed is to join the Lisara on her quest, since when she leaves our mortal plane he regains his normal immorality! But Shinigami can be really harsh mistresses, and it's going to be anything but easy to go back to being sleazy!

So I Can't Play H - Complete Collection (Sub.DVD)

  • Distributor: Sentai Filmworks
  • Suggested retail price: $49.98
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Hello Anime Vice and welcome to another episode of Dunce Cap! I won't waste any time today so without further ado I present my review of FUNimation's DVD release of Ikkitousen! Sit back and enjoy my thoughts on the series' blandness.
WARNING! This video contains explicit language. Also, this video is not edited in any way.


Please feel free to provide suggestions for an anime or manga for me to talk about and I will do my best to oblige. Also, if you are curious about anything discussed in this-or previous-episode(s) don't hesitate to ask me for more information/opinions.

Last episode: Golden Boy Brings Out the Pervert in Me

-Will McQuigg ( sotyfan16) is your everyday anime/manga enthusiast. You can also find him on Twitter ( bildo_88).
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Super Duper Mini Review


Sekirei is an anime adaptaion of the ongoing manga of the same name.  The manga was written by Ashike Sakura.  Both seaons were directed by Keizo Kusakawa, written by Takao Yoshioka, and produced by Seven Arcs.
Genres: action, comedy, erotica, magic, romance
Themes: ecchi, fanservice, harem

Plot Summary via Wikipedia

In Tokyo in the year 2020, Minato Sahashi has failed his college entrance exam twice, is awkward around women, and he's unemployed. He could never stand up to his mother or little sister growing up, a trend that continues to this day. In reality, Minato is extremely intelligent, yet his inability to cope under pressure results in his constant failure and he has been branded an idiot and loser by many as a result. One day, Minato meets a girl named Musubi, who literally falls from the sky. Minato soon learns that she is a " Sekirei" and he is her "Ashikabi", a human with special genes that allows them to "wing" (form a contract with) Sekirei. This binds the Sekirei to him and allows them to use their full power in the elimination battle with other Sekirei. Made up of cute girls, buxom women, and bishōnen, the Sekirei fight in a dangerous and sometimes deadly competition known as "The Game" or the "Sekirei Plan" organized by Hiroto Minaka, the chairman and founder of the mysterious and powerful MBI Corporation. Minato soon learns that being the partner of a beautiful girl is not all fun and games, especially when he discovers that an Ashikabi can have more than one Sekirei partner—and that's where the real trouble starts.


Pros and Cons

  • An entertaining take on the harem genre.  Mix of fighting and a shonen tournament type setting.
  • Loads and loads of fan service.  Usually I don't include this, but there is just ton of it, it's hard not to make a bullet point for it.  Fans will be pleased.
  • An entertaining cast of characters.  From main characters to side characters, they were fun.
  • Surprisingly, it didn't have many harem filler episodes were they all go to the beach, hot spring, etc.  There were bathing scenes though, but I will let it slide.
  • The whole Sekirei concept and the things that revolve around it were interesting.
  • Like a lot of harems, they share the same harem character stereotypes..  Loser college male gets the chicks.  Hyper go happy-go-lucky girl, the drunk girl, the smart girl, etc.

Who is this for?

Fans of the harem genre who enjoy some action thrown in the mix will get a kick out of this show.  Also, if you like shows like Ikkitousen, you will enjoy this show.
If you are interested in the show, it is available on Hulu for those who like in the USA.

Sources (SPOILERS)


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Don't forget to check out my ongoing blog for my Super Duper Mini Reviews and my written reviews.            :)

Q: What's a Super Duper Mini Review?
A: Well, since I'm done with long, written reviews for now, I decided to put a short list of what I liked and didn't like about the shows I watch.  For some info about the show like genre, plot summary, etc., I borrow (mainly copy and paste  :P) some info from Anime News Network, Wikipedia or the Anime Vice wiki.  So people wont think I'm plagiarizing, I do post sources.
Q:  Why are these blogs so short and half assed?
A:  Well, I want to put in as little effort as possible.  Why?  Cause I'm lazy.
Q:  Do you care if people don't read these?
A:  No, not really.  One of the main things that keeps me making these things is so I can spread the word of shows/mangas that people aren't aware of.
Q: Sometimes there a few or no cons, does that mean the show is perfect?
A: No.  Usually when I make these, I like to highlight the things I liked more then the negatives.  I'm one of those people who enjoys just about anything as long as it's entertaining.  I can easily look past a show's faults if I find enjoyment from it.  Remember, nothing is perfect.

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Man, they better not burn me on this... 
Man, they better not burn me on this... 
I woke up at around noon today with the sun beaming in through my windows, the sound of birds chirping and a knowledge that it's way too hot outside to enjoy any of it.  I hopped on my laptop a little bit later and made my usual rounds.  I decided to check out Hulu and I saw the same thing I also see: a super huge list of recommendations for me.  I usually ignore stuff like this unless it's from Netflix (every media company should use their recommendation engine or whatever it's called) but today I decided to be different. 
Every week I write an article about good shows you can watch online and as of right now, I'm a little bit less than 50% through the initial list of series that I came up with.  I need more anime watch, and hopefully enjoy, so that I can continue doing this for than another month.  I'm usually extremely picky and eccentric about what I will watch because I find anime descriptions to be extremely misleading, but like I said today I'm going to be different. 
Today I'm going to wade through this list of recommendations and watch two back-to-back episodes from five shows.  I'm picking the 5 solely from gut reaction to seeing a picture and what I've heard about it from others. 
 Man, I hope looks can be deceiving...
 Man, I hope looks can be deceiving...
I've heard that this show is nothing but over the top fan service and violence.  That stigma has always turned me off but they say I'll like it because I liked Shikabane Hime, which also threw as many panty shots and decapitations at you as possible.  The girl with green hair is kind of cute so I think i'll give it a shot.  It's gotten three seasons it so it can't be that bad, right? 
My first impression is yuri porn.
My first impression is yuri porn.
"Recommended to you because you liked Nana."  They've just set themselves up for something they can't possibly live up to imo.  Judging a book solely by its cover makes me think that this is yuri porn.  I clicked the link and saw a guy in a hospital, which gave me hope that maybe this show will be heart-wrenching, which could be really good or really bad if done poorly. 
Ghost Hunt 
All I know is that it's probably about hunting ghosts. 
All I know is that it's probably about hunting ghosts. 
I've heard people talk about this show being good, although I can't recall when or where I've heard this.  The only thing I know about the show is that it probably involves hunting ghosts (go figure) and whenever I start to type Ghost Hound into the Anime Vice search engine, this pops up.  They say I'll like it because I like Jyu-Oh-Sei... maybe that means it's got a nice mix of action and somber romance.
Black Blood Brothers
 Cool hat, check.  Cool sword, check.
 Cool hat, check.  Cool sword, check.
All I know is that this show is about vampires or demons.  The guy in the picture has on a cool pair of gloves and his hat reminds me of a character from Guilty Gear fighting game so it gets the thumbs up.  He's also holding a sword, so maybe there'll be some good fights in it as well.  They say I'll like it because of Shikabane-Hime.  Hopefully that means violence, gore and sad moments. 
Honey and Clover 
The little girl seems odd, but I think I'll like this 
The little girl seems odd, but I think I'll like this 
Now this I have heard something about and I believe at one point in time I was really interested in watching it, but for some reason I never did.  Oh, I think it was in a thread about Spice and Wolf and someone was saying that these shows were both good romances and it was funny how they had a X and Y style name with food in the title. 

Final Verdict 

I've been chronicling my adventures in the comments section but here's a wrap-up.  Realistically, I believe I've found 2 shows that I'll definitely finish: Black Blood Brothers and Honey & Clover.  I plan on finishing Ghost Hunt, but I feel like it could end up as a show that I drop 60% through.  I think Ikki Tousen will be a guilty pleasure show that I'll get around to.  Shuffle... I don't know.  My gut tells me that it will eventually develop into something that I like, but at 20+ episodes who knows if that'll happen 2 or 10 episodes from now.  Either way, I've got something to watch on a rainy day or when I'm sick.
Overall, I'm glad I forced myself to check out some series that I missed.  Only one of them was bad, but it was so bad it's good.  The rest of them ranged from solid to really good and I feel satisfied that I at least gave them all a shot.
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Why don't we see more anime into video games? Well, it stands to fact that many just aren't able to be adapted for one. When you look at the length of series and then at the story and content, most anime just don't cut it. There are some that do however. Ikkitousen: Shining Dragon, for example, came out for the PS2 but only in Japan. I'm sure there are other titles that only had a game in Japan that I don't know about but Ikkitousen is an example of something going wrong to not allow the anime-to-game in the US and other parts of the world. My other issue with anime-to-games is that when the anime do have enough of a story and length to be made a game they just suck as a game. Be it the graphics, altered storyline/characters, and/or overall playability and likability of the game, the anime isn't done justice for the audiences of the world who buy the game because it's something new or because they like the anime. The Mobile Suit Gundam games for example: the graphics suck, the stories are off, and the gameplay is too poor to say, all top out the Ring of 3 Evils* for video games. It's hard to change the Pokemon games but that's fine as why change what isn't totally broken? Naruto graphics are pretty good and the gameplay works well enough, Dragon Ball Z games were cool until they started messing with the gameplay and didn't improve the graphics all that much, and Bleach games are cool and good (I like Shattered Blade on Wii) but the fighting is arcade style and the stories seem short and you can't actually travel.
From looking at a list of anime and mange made into games (there is more than I care to count and a greay many that I've never heard of) I can say my view is limited. I'm open to input about what anime games are good and what the gaming and anime industries can do to better the games and create greater interest. To finalize this, my first blog, I will say that Afro Samurai (PS3) is my favorite anime-to-game and it used to be Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3 (PS2). 
*I am coining this phrase from this point on when I talk about anime-to-games.

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[or, thoughts on "Queen's Blade" and related shows.]

I was going to write this upon finishing the summary (if you can call it that) of the last episode of Queen's Brade/Blade. But first, I was sorta kinda drunk. Second, the "review" button for the series does not appear to be functioning. And I will be damned if I have to write a review of each individual episode.

So how will I sum it up? It is a step above Ikkitousen (or "Battle Vixens" if you saw the manga on US bookstore shelves).

Let's start out with a quick recap of Ikkitousen for the sake of comparison: The story there was about big breasted girls (and a few dudes) who were the reincarnated aspects of legendary warriors/nations from the whole Romance of the Three Kingdoms tale, with a clothes-ripping rate that I thought couldn't be beat until I saw QB. I call this franchise "self-hating hentai." Why? Because on one hand it wanted to be a shonen action manga with some school stuff on the side, and on the other hand someone wanted a child-sized R3K story. But someone else wanted sexy, big-breasted girls so that they could sell it to horny teenagers and older otaku. Unfortunately, the fight between these forces was never quite resolved, and so anyone who saw the anime/manga ended up getting the worst of all sides: a series that gave liberal amounts of fighting and all the nudity it could get without showing actual nipples, crotch or any sexual acts. As a friend of mine wrote after dragging himself through the first season (without any alcohol, God help him): "Next time? Decide if you want grimdark, hentai, or romantic high school comedy with combat. Don't try all three. Because it just doesn't f**king work."

Going into Queen's Blade, we can say that there were two forces at work here: The side that wanted to sell toys/gamebooks/dolls/figures and wanted a show with a vague plot to tie them all together, and the side that didn't think it would sell unless the main characters were all sexy, big-breasted woman (with the exception of a couple characters for the lolicons out there). In this case, the latter side mostly won out (although there was reportedly an alternate "censored" version aired on some Japanese channels), and unlike Ikkitousen they didn't seem too confused about their goal: Show off the characters with as much cleavage and sex as possible so you can sell the toys, but not so much that it gets classified as "hentai" and shoved into a dark room somewhere. I think that's what made this show a little more watchable for me than Ikkitousen: it didn't try to hide the fact that it was all about the T&A, and that the paper-thin plot about a grand tournament was just an excuse to parade it on display.

But enough bitching about the meta stuff, how did the actual show pan out? Pretty much exactly how I expected. It was a long parade of fanservice, only interrupted by the occasional fight scene or dialogue sequence where Claudette got angry about something. The only character in my opinion that showed anything more than one-dimension in this show was the warrior-miko Tomoe, who actually tried her best not to fall in with the fanservice-y aspects of the show, though the writers dealt with that little discrepancy in the second half of the series. This thing would've been written off as a piece of crap if not for the "acid-shooting boobies" of the demonic bunnygirl, which was probably a first for a genre where you think you've seen everything that could be done to animated women. It's probably for that reason that any of us took note of the show. That act alone in the first episode probably set an unreasonably high bar of innovation in the hentai-ish aspects of the show that they couldn't match (except the tit-biting snake lady came pretty close), but they did manage to satisfy at least one fetish per episode.

So if you want my recommendation, go ahead and watch this show if you want some cheap hentai-thing to watch or if you're interested in a drinking game (take one shot every time someone's clothes get ripped, and two shots when a fetish gets invoked though knowing TV Tropes' version of Rule 36 you'll probably die of alcohol poisoning shortly after). Watch it if you really, really want to know the backstory of those characters in the books and figurines that you might have bought. But trust me, you're better off spending your time on a better series, like Seikon no Qwaser. At least in that series, they offer some hard science along with the fanservice/borderline-hentai content. You think acid-shooting boobies are bad? Wait until you see masochistic twin girls who secrete the element of Mercury.

But on related note, whatever happened to the GI Joe version of selling toys? Y'know, the kind where you have an incompetent team of superheroes versus an even dumber team of villains who use the very same vehicles and characters that kids could buy on shelves and man-children could laugh at before smuggling them out of the Toys R Us? I'm assuming they still have those kinds of shows in Japan, right? Otherwise, Power Rangers would've ended and there would only be 150 Pokemon. Perhaps that's the same reason that Power Rangers keeps getting syndicated, Queen's Blade is going to run another season, and Pokemon/Digimon/Beyblade/[Generic Toy Monster Show] will never f**king end.
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Flower Mound, TX –  December 22, 2008 – FUNimation® Entertainment today announced that it has acquired rights to the 13-episode action-

This is battle-action series is based on the popular manga comic entitled "Ikki-Tousen" created by Yuzo Shiozaki and inspired by the classic novel "Romance of the Three Kingdoms". The anime was directed by Takashi Watanabe (Slayers, Desert Punk, Wallflower) and produced by J.C. Staff Co.

About Ikki Tousen  

FUNimation Entertainment will release the series on DVD in 2009.

Please visit www.funimation.com/ as FUNimation makes one acquisition announcement each day for the ten days leading up to New Year's Eve.

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