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Japanese citizens between the age of 18-24 are randomly selected to die in order to increase national prosperity. Those selected are given a 24 hour notice of their death called an Ikigami.


In a not too distant dystopian future, all Japanese students receive an inoculation containing a nano machine designed to kill the host around their 24th birthday. The Japanese government's reasoning for this is that the threat of sudden and unexpected death will increase productivity in the citizens. Anyone who attempts to voice their opinions on this are accused of thought crime and arrested. Ikigami follows the story of Kengo Fujimoto, a man assigned to deliver Ikigami to victims 24 hours before they are due to die.


  • Shogakukan (Japan)
  • Viz Media (North America)
  • Asuka Comics (France)
  • Panini (Spain)
  • Panini (Italy)
  • Carlsen (Germany)
  • Kana Netherlands (Netherlands)
  • Hanami (Poland)
  • Sharp Point Press (Taiwan)
  • Haksan Culture Company (Korea)
Book # Name Rating Release Date
Volume 10
March 30, 2012
Volume 9
June 30, 2011
Volume 8
July 30, 2010
Volume 7
Sept. 30, 2009
Volume 6
Nov. 28, 2008
Volume 5
May 2, 2008
Volume 4
Sept. 5, 2007
Volume 3
Dec. 28, 2006
Volume 2
April 5, 2006
Volume 1
Aug. 5, 2005
General Information Edit
English Name Ikigami
Japanese Name: イキガミ
Romaji: Ikigami
Publisher Viz Media
Start Year 2005
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Aliases Ikigami: The Ultimate Limit
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