Ikenai Roomshare #1 - Ikenai Roomshare

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Plot Summary

Moving to Tokyo in order to attend freshman classes at the prestigious K University, nineteen year old Korou Satou has found an house in which he can rent a room while he focuses on his education. Unfortunately for him, it is a house full of several female tenants who have vastly different views on having a man live with them! When his blundering (and accidentally perverted) ways get him in hot water with the female landlord, he finds himself on the outside looking in, forced to live in a tent in the garden until he finds a new place! Unknown to him, this house of female tenants will sweep him into pure madness as one by one, they fall for him sexually! Can Korou manage to survive the wild series of events that he gets swept up into and secure the room he originally wanted? Or will he succumb to the madness that threatens to consume his life and be forced to seek residence elsewhere?


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