Iihiko Shishime

Iihiko Shishime is a anime/manga character in the Medaka Box franchise
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A five thousand year-old hero and the first person Najimi Ajimu couldn't defeat.


Iihiko five thousand years ago
Iihiko five thousand years ago

Five thousand years ago, Iihiko was a legendary hero that would fight for his people and land. Sometime later Iihiko and Najimi Ajimu fought each other with the latter losing one million times despite using her skills and the other Not Equals she created. This would later cause Ajimu to develop Simulated Reality due to his unnatural strength. Iihiko was eventually sealed within Shiranui village after Ajimu started to avoid him entirely. The Shiranui backups began to preserve Iihiko’s legacy by having a backup take his place when he would “die” of old age. Iihiko would then go on to defeat the “main characters” that would appear every one thousand years.


Iihiko was a character created by Nisio Isin as an antagonist. His appearance is seemingly inspired by a horned demon.



Iihiko is a very tall muscular man with purple skin, dark iris with a seemingly red sclera and pointed ears and two red horns protruding from his forehead. He also has black pointed fingers and teeth resembling a demon. Iihiko also has a dark flame like substance that is emitted on his head and elbows. He also has a dark substance covering his feet and arms. His normal attire is a ragged, sleeveless, maroon robe that doesn’t cover the right side of his upper body with a thick, light brown rope around his waist. He also has a chain that he wears around his torso from his right shoulder to his hip and bandage wraps around his forearm. He also uses traditional Japanese sandals for footwear.

Five thousand years ago, Iihiko’s appearance was similar but less demonic. He had normal eyes, hair, ears and no horns. He also wore a metallic crown, a cloak on the left side of his body, armor covering his waist, torso, wrists and right shoulder. He also carried a sword, seemingly Western, and shield for weapons.

While he possessed Shiranui Hansode’s body, his appearance mainly matched her appearance, blue hair with curl in the front and small body. Some of his features were also transferred over such as his red sclera, pointed teeth, small horns, pointed fingers and ears and the dark substance that covered his hands.

After his defeat, his “echo” appears more human-like than his previous body. His hair becomes more solidified, his horns are broken off and his sclera is lighter. The dark substance on his arm and feet also disappears. However, the skin is still slightly darker at these locations.


Iihiko was originally a righteous hero who defended the weak and punished the wicked. However, as Iihiko lost everything he fought for, his personality began to change. Iihiko only began to live only to keep living. Iihiko became very violent against others such as using Obi, HanHaba Shiranui, as a club and hitting Hansode Shiranui. Iihiko also has a habit of calling something “Fresh” every time something surprises him or he sees something interesting. Iihiko also shows little care for human lives often laughing while he attacks someone. He also often refers to himself in the third person. He often mistake attacks for other things such as mistaking Zenkichi’s kick for a mosquito bite and Thirteen Party’s attack for a massage. He also likes to use unconventional weapons such as a rubber band to use against Ajimu and Zenkichi’s glasses to use against Medaka.

Story Arcs

Unknown Shiranui Arc

While Hansode Shiranui was talking to Medaka, Zenkichi, Kumagawa and Ajimu, Iihiko uses Obi to break into the room and simultaneously hit Hansode. Obi then tells Iihiko to entertain them. Ajimu tells them to run away while she

holds him off. Noticing Ajimu, Iihiko begins to grins and cackles menacingly. He begins to talk to her but Zenkichi immediately kicks him on the neck for injuring Hansode. However, Iihiko mistakes Zenkichi for a mosquito and his kick for a bite and hits him with the palm of his hand. After noticing that he is a human, Iihiko praises Zenkichi for his “strategy” of pretending to be a mosquito to lessen the blow of his attack. Iihiko then swings Obi and hits Kumagawa before he could attack. He then praises Kumagawa’s lack of resistance. He then asks Medaka if she was Ajimu’s favorite because she didn’t attack mindlessly. Ajimu reveals her history with Iihiko as being the first person she could not beat. Medaka then uses her clones in order to grab everyone and escape while Ajimu holds him off for fifteen seconds. While commenting that his weapons were taken away, Iihiko brings out a rubber band to fight Ajimu. However, he states that he has become bored of fighting her do he asks her to capture them and he will spare her. After she refuses his offer, Iihiko shoots the rubber band at her causing her body to blow in half and kill her. After killing her, Iihiko grabs her severed hair, reaches the jeep before Medaka and waits there for her.

Hansode tells Medaka to run away but she instead goes into Altered God Mode and tries to fight him. She tries to use

Kurokami Phantom but he easily moves pass her and tells her to calm down. He moves towards Zenkichi’s body to use his glasses as knuckles. He easily breaks Medaka’s arm with one punch but she wraps around his arm explaining she can heal in three seconds. However, her arm and shoulder still remains injured and she falls of his arm. Hansode then tells Medaka that Iihiko’s damage cannot be undone or healed. Medaka then tries to punch him in anger but Iihiko easily stops with the glasses.

Iihiko then breaks Medaka’s torso and relentlessly beat her while holding her up in the air. To Iihiko’s surprise, Medaka stops his fist with her other arm after hearing Hansode. Iihiko then drops her and prepares to finish her off but is interrupted by and electrical attack. Oudo appears before Iihiko alongside the other members of the Front Six of the Flask plan. The Front Six begin to attack Iihiko but he brushes their attacks off as if they were nothing. An armored truck, operated by Hanten, then hits Iihiko at his side and causes he falls off the mountain. Iihiko then catches Hansode when she jumps off the cliff and asks for Medaka’s name.

Later on during the day, Hansode leaves the village to finish a job for Dr. Fukurou Tsurubami.

However, Iihiko later learns that Fukurou has no intention of letting her return to the village. He becomes outraged, attacks the village and runs towards Hansode’s location. He jumps through the roof of the abandoned hospital while Fukurou is talking to Zenkichi, Kumagawa and Hansode and accidently kills him by crushing half of his body by landing on him. While everyone looks on in confusion and amazement, Iihiko begins to shout for his opponent to appear without realizing he killed him. He becomes disappointed and calls Hansode to return with him but Zenkichi, Kumagawa and Namanie confront him. Just as he begins to fight, Medaka, slightly injured from her fight with Kakegae Yuzuriha, enters through a window.

While began to talk with her friends about Fukurou, Iihiko becomes anxious and charges at her. He is surprised when he recognizes her punch and defended himself causing the damage to reflect back towards her. Medaka then challenges Iihiko to a one-hit battle asking him to give up on Hansode if her attack works. When he asks Medaka to give up on Hansode if her attack doesn’t work, she instantly refuses. He laughs and agrees to the conditions, believing that she would die from the

reflected damage. Medaka takes of her shoes and prepares to use Kurokami Phantom. She charges at Iihiko but the

damage from her attack reflects back at her. This causes her heart to stop beating and instantly kill her. Iihiko becomes disappointed from this result. As Zenkichi began to mourn for Medaka, Iihiko tells him to quiet down to not insult her death. After he tells her to rest in peace, her corpse rises up using vibrations to continue pumping blood. Iihiko becomes shocked at the sight of this unable to understand how she is still moving. Medaka then tells him the last attack was just practice and that she will use a “fresh” attack. Medaka then goes into a forward bent posture and her hair begins to grow revealing her last form End God Mode.

While Medaka charges at him using her new attack Kurokami Final, Iihiko begins to become greatly disappointed. Seeing

her forward dash clearly, he notes that her attack is only faster from using her entire body as a pump to drastically increase her physical strength. He then concludes that she isn’t worth any of concern. He begins conclude that she will be killed like the other heroes that appear every one thousand years. As he about to note Ajimu death, Medaka’s form disappears as she hit him. While he is still in shock, the real Medaka charges directly after the clone revealing that the clone is meant to remove all air resistance between them. However, Iihiko manages to dodge her attack by sidestepping. As Iihiko begins to revel in his victory, Medaka curves her attack in order to take advantage of his blind spot. Iihiko complements Medaka’s attack as he falls down in defeat. As Medaka begins to fall down, Hansode comes in front of her to support her. Hansode then stabs her hand through Medaka’s stomach revealing that Iihiko took over her body.

Everyone looks in shock as the newly revived Iihiko laughs over Medaka’s body. Iihiko then tests out his new body’s power

by punching the ground and destroying the hospital. He has no problems with the body besides the size of it from taking control four years too early. He looks behind him to find that Medaka had gathered everyone before the destruction. He then compares Medaka to his old self but she quickly becomes angered at him for breaking his promise and prepares to use Kurokami Final again. Iihiko easily stops her attack with one finger. He then tells Medaka that her Kurokami Final isn’t considered an attack to him anymore and she isn’t a threat therefore he did not need to reflect the damage. As he begins to walk away, Medaka latches onto him and demands they continue fighting. Iihiko becomes confused by her actions claiming that he gave her enough despair to make her give up hope. He then creates numerous air slashes and sends it towards Zenkichi, Kumagawa and Kanome killing all three of them. He continues to walk away noting that he had to stop fighting after he lost everything and he would be the same as Ajimu. However, Medaka continues to latch on to him. Iihiko becomes both outraged and disgusted by Medaka’s actions and kicks her repeatedly. After Medaka finally let go off Iihiko, he begins to walk away in anger but quickly notices someone behind him. He turns to see Namanie, who is actually Kakegae Yuzuriha using Metonymy user, ready to challenge him. Iihiko soon begins to overpower her due to her lack of understanding of Iihiko and Hansode. As she is about to fall, the temporarily revived Zenkichi appears with the newly transferred Contradictory Conjunction User.

Iihiko begins to repeatedly jab Zenkichi but Zenkichi manages to dodge all of his attacks. This causes Iihiko to become angry that some unremarkable and ordinary is able to fight on par with him. Iihiko begins to wonder if he is truly alone. Zenkichi and Iihiko continue to dodge each other’s attacks but Zenkichi soon takes an attack on his arm which causes it to blown off his body. Zenkichi uses this moment to attack Iihiko but it momentarily gives Hansode control for a split second to make him hesitant. Iihiko grabs his leg and prepares to attack again but his body suddenly stops moving. Hansode’s consciousness begins to turn his fist back towards him. Iihiko begins to desperately appeal to Hansode sense to preserve unique things in order to stop her. She pays no attention to his plea and makes him punch himself in the face and destroys his spirit.

Due to Fukurou’s final style Testament user, the moon begins to fall towards the Earth and Medaka has to destroy it before it reaches. As Medaka begins to tremble, Iihiko rises up and tells her to try to calm down. Iihiko reveals that he is just an echo and that they defeated him. When Medaka begins to doubt herself, Iihiko tells her to look at the sky and remember her life in order to cheer her body up. He then asks her if she had any regrets to which she replied that her life was as full as the moon.

During the Hakoniwa Academy graduation, Iihiko, Hanten and Obi is eating with each other while question why Hanten went

to the moon to get Medaka. Iihiko agrees with Hanten when he says that Ajimu will return soon since his destruction is now reversible. When Obi says that she will close down Shiranui village due to Iihiko being defeated by a commoner, Iihiko explains that people didn’t need spares to communicate with each other.

Bouquet Toss to the Future Arc

Iihiko is invited to the Hakoniwa Academy’s 100 flowers run as number 42 to fight Medaka. After Medaka fights the school faculty, he appears alongside the other members of the Shiranui family. He is defeated by Medaka’s Altered God Mode and she collects his flower and message. His message is “Girl Keep Being Fresh.”


After ten years, Iihiko now works at the newly public Shiranui Village.

Powers and Abilities

Superhuman Strength

Iihiko possess incredible physical power being able to nearly kill Kumagawa and Zenkichi with little effort and blow Ajimu’s body in half with a rubber band.

Unorthodox Weapons

Iihiko is capable of using objects he finds lying around and successfully use them as weapons. Some of these weapons include rubber bands and air.

Skill Immunity

Iihiko is unaffected by skills used against him and does not notice when they are used.

Irreversible Destroyer

This ability causes any damage done by Iihiko to not heal by any means such as regeneration. The damage includes both wounds and fatigue from battle. This ability also allows Iihiko to “break” any attack used against him and cause the damage to be reflected back to the user. Increasing the strength of the attack causes the damage to become further. The damage becomes repairable if Iihiko is defeated.

Shiranui Possession

Iihiko’s spirit can move from one Shiranui double to another when his body dies. The transfer can be done even if the body has not been properly prepared.

General Information Edit
Name: Iihiko Shishime
Name: 獅子目 言彦
Romanji: Shishime Iihiko
Gender: Male
1st manga book: Medaka Box #19
1st anime episode:
1st anime movie:
Aliases Irreversible Destroyer
Echo of a Hero
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