Igra is an anime episode of Togainu no Chi that was released on 10/21/2010

Episode Overview

  Rin, Akira and Keisuke visit Arbitro's mansion. Keisuke goes to get permission to participate in Igura, and is given his tags. The trio runs into Takeru, a cheating playing in Igura getting chased down by the Executioners, Gunji and Kiriwar.


The episode starts with a blue haired man running away from the two Executioners, Gunji and Kiriwar. The blue haired man, named Takeru, is carrying a cross around his neck. 
Akira and Keisuke have parted from Rin and are walking down the street. Keisuke reflects of how cold Akira was, and is worried for him, when suddenly they run into Motomi. They notice that Motomi was waiting for them, and asks the two if he can join them as they make their way to Abritro’s castle. Motomi claims he has some business to attend to there. 
They reach the castle, this time Keisuke is determined to join Akira in Igura. They three enter Arbitro’s office, on
their way they see a massive metal door, which Motomi explains is the Coliseum where one fights Il Re. Keisuke is told to enter Arbitro’s office alone, and Akira and Motomi are left waiting outside. As they wait, Arbitro passes them. Arbitro and Motomi meet, more like reunite. Arbitro snaps, and tells Motomi never to return to the castle. Arbitro then enters his office in order to speak to Keisuke. Motomi explains that because Arbitro’s dog took a liking to Akira, so has Arbitro. 
In Arbitro’s office, he explains to Keisuke the rules of Igura. Keisuke is given 5 dog tags; each dog tag is labelled like a card from a standard deck of cards. Players fight each other in order to get a ‘Royal Flush’. When they get a Royal Flush, they may challenge Il Re, the king. Each player is meant to wear one tag visibly to show that they are playing the game. Suddenly Gunji and Kiriwar burst in with a dead body and claim to Arbitro that they have ‘finish the job’. Arbitro snaps at them, but the mavericks don’t listen. They then leave to finish up their other jobs. Arbitro explains the Executioners importance, and how they are the referees of Igura. Keisuke meets back up with Akira and Motomi. Akira is still unnaturally cold to Keisuke, and Keisuke gets upset.
 Arbitro and Kau
 Arbitro and Kau

 Arbitro is sitting with his ‘dog’ Tama (Kau), and continually curses Motomi. Kau and Arbitro’s relationship is clarified by their flirty and sexual actions. 

Keisuke and Akira being to walk back to their shelter, when the blue haired man from earlier suddenly attacks them, due to Keisuke wandering around with all of his tags displayed. Keisuke is knocked to the ground and Takeru takes Keisuke’s tags. Akira then attacks Takeru and gets Keisuke’s tags back, cutting off the man’s cross necklace in the process. Keisuke curses himself for his own foolishness, and the two continue after Akira picks up Takeru’s necklace. 
 Akira and Keisuke return to their hiding spot, only to find Rin, who claims that their hiding spot is poor. Rin takes out his camera to take a picture of their reuniting, but spills pictures onto the floor; one of the pictures is of Shiki. Akira picks up the picture and asks Rin who he is. Rin claims that Shiki is not important. 
Takeru notices that his necklace is missing and realizes that Akira must have it, so he begins to look for Akira. At
the same time, Gunji and Kiriwar meet up with Akira, Keisuke and Rin and mention they are looking for a man with blue hair and an eye patch, Takeru. Takeru suddenly turns the corner and runs down the street, grabbing Akira by the arm. Takeru yells at Akira and tells him to return his cross. Akira obliges and Takeru realizes that Akira is the champion of Bl@ster, LOST, and explains he as once in Bl@ster as well. Takeru explains that he’s playing in Igura in order for the money, and would do anything to win, even cheat. Akira claims that he doesn't care, and Takeru gets angry with him, claiming that people on the top are always pompous and better off dead. The two fight, and Akira manages to cut of Takeru’s necklace. Takeru grabs his necklace and runs away, leaving Akira alone. Akira turns around and returns to Rin and Keisuke.

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