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Alexander Cunningham Hume

Alexander Cunningham Hume is the captain of Team Velhstein and the main rival of Takeshi Jin.

Amy Stapleton

Amy Stapleton is the tactician and midfielder for Team Satomi along with her cat Luca

Andrei Rublev

Andrei Rublev is not only the coach for Team Satomi but is also the legendary racer known as The Rocket.

Bella Demarco

Bella Demarco is midfielder and tactician for Team Edgeraid.

Benjamin Bright

Benjamin Bright is the official commentator of IGPX and often holds interviews of pilots and figures in the circuits.

Bjorn Johannsen

Bjorn Johannsen is the captain and forward of Team Edgeraid and uses a link similar to Amy to connect to his dog, Sola.


Dew is the defender for Team Velshstein.


Dimma is the defender for Team Sledge Mamma in the IGPX.

Elissa Doolittle

Elissa Doolittle is the defender and oldest member of Team Skylark.

Fantine Valjean

Fantine is the forward and leader of Team Skylark. She and Takeshi Jin were in a relationship but towards the end of the series they broke up.

Franklin Bullit

Franklin "Frank" Bullit is the defender for Team Edgeraid.

Grant McKain

Grant McKain is the midfielder for Team Black Egg and a bit of a lone wolf.

Jan Michael

Jan Michael is the midfielder for Team Velshstein.

Jesse Martin

Jesse Martin is the assistant to Michiru Satomi and helps out the team as much as she can.

Jessica Darlin

The midfielder for Team Skylark.

Liz Ricarro

Liz Ricarro is the hot headed Defender for Team Satomi.


Despite being a cat, she is linked to Amy Stapleton and is able to assist her on the racetrack, making her a co-midfielder.

Mark Ramsey

Mark Ramsey is the head mechanic of Team Satomi and often fixes problems that aren't related to machines.

Michiru Satomi

Ricardo Montazio

Ricardo Montazio is the captain of Black Egg and plays the forward position.

River Marque

River Marque was the substitute pilot for Team Satomi before moving to midfielder of Team Sledge Mamma.

Roger Jones

Roger "Glass" Jones is the defender of Black Egg and a bit of a womanizer.

Sir Hamgra

Sir Hamgra is the owner of Team Velhstein and rules over his team with tight discipline.


Sola is Bjorn's dog and co-pilot for the forward position on Team Edgeraid.

Takeshi Jin

He is the main character in The IGPX series. He is the lead pilot of Team Satomi.


Timma is a member of Team Sledge Mamma and plays midfielder before getting fired.


Yamma is the captain of Team Sledge Mamma and plays forward. He is the first person to "welcome" Satomi to the IG-1.

Yuri Jin

Yuri Jin is the little sister of Takeshi Jin and supposedly Team Satomi's biggest fan.

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