Idol FIghter Suchie-Pai 2

Idol FIghter Suchie-Pai 2 is an anime series
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A Bunny Alien, A Maid-Dominatrix, A Cyborg, A girl form the world of magic and a transforming super hero all must fight monsters along with themselves to obtain legendary mahjong dials so their wishes can be granted.

  All Sweetypie has to do is wave her Sweetystick, and she turns into an avenging angel of love and justice. And with bondage-freak Cherrypie, alien superhero Milkypie ("Milky Change!"), emissary from Peachyland, Peachypie, and cyborg warrior Lemonpie ("Lemonade Transfer!"), you can bet that the streets are safe. One of many computer-game spin-offs (such as Graduation or Battle Team Lakers EX) that, perhaps wisely, dumped the gameplay and merely reassigned the characters to a more interesting situation. In this case, the stars of an obscure strip computer game, notable only for designs by Gunsmith Cats' Kenichi Sonoda, are reassigned roles in a spoof of Sailor Moon. As with the Street Fighter II franchise, there was no Sweetypie "I" in anime form, a fact lampooned in the show's subtitle: "Somehow this feels like the first episode."
Series Credits
Person Name Episode Count
Kenichi Sonoda
Yasunori Ide

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Name Idol FIghter Suchie-Pai 2
Name: アイドルファイト スーチーパイ2
Publisher ?
Start Year 1996
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