Idol Attack

Idol Attack is an anime episode of Basquash! that was released on 05/28/2009
The beginning of this episode blends right into the intro. The idols, Eclipse, who are seen every week singing the intro are holding a concert. As would be expected, there are a large number of fans present, and the idols tell them that they have a huge announcement to make after the concert. The intro then begins.

The team arrives at a town in which Basquash is not illegal yet, hoping for a match. Upon entering Dan gets caught up in a romantic scandal with Rouge, one of the three idols. After visiting and leaving the hot tubs, he is "attacked" by reporters all asking about the scandal. It is there that Dan and his team learn that Eclipse (Rouge, Citron, and Violette) has formed a Basquash team, and that they will announce their debut match soon.

After their next concert, Eclipse announces their debut match to be against Rouge's boyfriend, Dunk Mask (her choice, not his) and his team. She almost bribes Dan into the match with promises of going to the moon if they won. Dan is beaten up by fans who are jealous, but nonetheless agrees to the match.

The rules of the match are that they play while the song "Running On" is playing, and that whoever has the most points when the song ends is declared the winner. Eclipse seems to have an edge until near the end when Dan's team makes a comeback. Rouge fakes being injured so the song can stop, and the idols can be declared the winners. Alan, however, begins to sing the song, and states that the rules didn't say that the idols had to be singing. While the rest of her team tries to call the match to a close, Rouge encourages everyone to keep playing until the end. The idols ultimately tie with Dan's team, and Rouge falls a little bit in love with Dan. The episode ends with Dan saying "A tie is still a loss."

The Eclipse manager is introduced as a possible future villian in this episode.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Hiro Shimono ( x ) ( x ) ( x ) (Japanese)
Sela D Miranda ( x ) ( x ) ( x )
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Shoji Kawamori Director
Shin Itagaki Director
Stanislas Brunet Mech Designer Japanese Animator who is known for his mechanical designs for Basquash, Air Gear (OVA) and Oban Star-Racers.


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